Phil Billitz

Devoted Brother Launches Gofundme Campaign Seeking Support for Ailing Sister in Need of Double Lung Transplant

New Gofundme campaign has a caring brother appealing to all to help him raise funds for a reliable all-weather vehicle to take his ailing sister to distant hospital for transplant before the New England winter sets in.


Shelburne Falls, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2018 --Going through the process to qualify for a lung transplant is not easy. But what if you somehow manage to get on the list and finally get The Call that donor lungs are ready, yet are unable to take the patient to the hospital because of transportation issues?

Could anything be more frustrating and regretful than this? A new GoFundMe campaign depicts exactly that situation - a devoted brother is trying every means possible to arrange for a reliable all-weather vehicle to transport his sister to and from the hospital prior to and after surgery for a double lung transplant.

The Gofundme campaign is geared to raise minimum $10,000 as soon as possible.

Phillip S Billitz and his sister Cecelia reside in rural hill-town in Western Massachusetts. Cecelia is a suffering from Interstitial Lung Disease and Advanced Pulmonary Fibrosis. The disease is irreversible and fatal. The only thing that can extend her life is a double lung transplant. Cecelia is a candidate for lung transplant at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston which is a daunting up to 4-hour long ride from her home. She has to attend frequent healthcare appointments and after the surgery will have weekly appointments there for the rest of her life.

Thus she needs a sturdy, strong and all-weather vehicle to transport her to the hospital whenever needed. With winter almost knocking at the door, the vehicle is needed at the earliest to navigate safely through the horrible road conditions in the chilling months.

"We have already missed a couple of Pulmonary rehab appointments because of issues with the public transport provider. Our own car is aged (a 15-year-old Prius) and is unlikely to survive such a long and strenuous drive back and forth to Cecelia's all medical appointments. We do not want to see ourselves losing out when donor lungs are available just because our car has broken down. Our The public transport options are very restrictive and no good for sudden emergency travel and after the surgery public transport is not allowed at all", stated Phil S Billitz, the concerned brother and the coordinator of the Gofundme campaign.

At present, Phillip and Cecelia are in urgent need of a reliable, low mileage, all-wheel drive vehicle such as Subaru Forester or Outback, sizable enough to have space for 4 passengers, 4 to 5 tanks of oxygen and some luggage. Good gas mileage will be helpful as the vehicle has to travel long miles and on a frequent basis.

"There are certain things that are too big to be handled alone. We are in such a situation at present and so we started this campaign. Cecelia is a wonderful person and a has a great attitude that she displays every day, hoping desperately for this life-saving operation. All her life, she has taken care of her near ones and friends, and has added more value to their lives with her positive presence and caregiving.

Through this campaign, we wish to make our appeal to your kindness and humanity to support her in this life-threatening crisis."

Cecelia's disease is progressing fast and the only treatment can save her life is the double lung transplant. Brigham & Women's Hospital is hopeful to find a donor as soon as possible. And Phillip is trying hard to get a ride handy so that they can set out for the appointment the moment they get a call from the hospital.

"Your generous support will help a great human being to regain the breath of life. We will be forever grateful to you."

To show support for the campaign at Gofundme, please visit

Phil Billitz
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