Devworkz Announces Exciting New Milestones for Appbuilder for SharePoint

Today Devworkz announced enhanced support for the Nintex platform. Now optimized, the platform has new cloud-based deployment options and advanced accelerators for organizational solution design.


Sydney, NSW -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2016 --For the past ten years Devworkz has helped management teams enhance their organizational systems by building flexible, no-code business critical solutions. When management teams understand how essential systems can be boosted by blending system automation with people, their roles, and responsibilities, the outcomes are amazing.

To that end, Devworkz is pleased to announce these new features for 2016 Q1.

- A new version of Appbuilder for SharePoint, featuring rich alignment with the core capabilities of the Nintex platform
- New Uihiro theming, a UI fabric for Appbuilder and SharePoint
- Solution accelerators for compliance, risk, workplace health and safety, probation, injury management, etc.
- MS Azure infrastructure support for the CloudFirst, Office 365, Azure AD customers

The core feature set of Appbuilder is an integrated fleet of web parts that enables anyone to customize SharePoint and easily create applications with no-code components. Because Appbuilder removes the need for custom coding and the complexities of data integration, even non-programmers can build and manage powerful application logic based on traditional relational data models; LOB data; rich security requirements; dynamic navigation; reporting; dashboards and process state visualizations, etc.

John Ackery Director for Devworkz said, "We provide a comprehensive program for the creation of workplace, system and business critical solutions running on SharePoint that help align and operationalize organizational objectives. They will also enhance team and department performance with responsive, bespoke technology enabled systems. The announcements today, and with our planned investments in Appbuilder and Uihiro, will allow SharePoint and Nintex users to respond quickly to the essential business automation needs of management."

Uihiro extends the development options of Appbuilder with theming, design elements, components, widgets and responsive design. This UI fabric provides a rich repeatable design experience based on custom master pages, global CSS, and HTML elements styled and enhanced with extensible classes, and an advanced grid system that just works beautifully with Appbuilder. Uihiro transforms the classic SharePoint collaboration experience to one ready for application development with form, function and real pizzazz.

The Appbuilder and Uihiro products compliment and play seamlessly with the Nintex platform of class leading workflow, forms and mobility solutions. This trio of Appbuilder, Uihiro and Nintex is extremely potent and sits at the core of the company's Kaizen Platform. The Sino-Japanese word "kaizen" simply means "change for better" or continuous improvement. Thus, it powers all our application accelerators and the workloads of many of the platform's customer engagements.

Kazien is the platform of tools, KaizenCloud is for CloudFirst customers. It's a no-code development and integration platform running in the cloud. It will run on most cloud-based infrastructures. Proven on Microsoft Azure cloud services it utilizes SharePoint and integrates with a client's existing Active Directory whether it be on premise, O365, or Azure-based.

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John Ackery
Director, Devworkz