Devworkz Announces the Latest Release of Appbuilder for SharePoint & Nintex


Sydney, New South Wales -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2016 --Devworkz announces the newest version of the Appbuilder app. Version 6.6 is all about building on the company's core capabilities but delivering big time on the 'in app' user experience. Code-named 'Glam' this release focuses on how its users view and interact with the complexities of business logic, SharePoint content, LOB data, and Nintex workflows.

The core feature set of Appbuilder (1) enables 'anyone' to customize SharePoint and easily create applications with no-code components. Because Appbuilder removes the need for custom coding and the complexities associated with data integration, even non-programmers can build and manage powerful application solutions.

John Ackery Director for Devworkz said, "This 6.6 release provides rich new capabilities for our existing Appbuilder customers. It also powers our growing platform of accelerators such as; compliance, asset auditing, risk, probation, contract management, staff services, etc."

Ackery adds, "When management teams understand how their essential processes can be boosted by blending 'system automation' - the design and configuration of repeatable processes with measurable insights - with 'people' and their roles and responsibilities, the outcomes are amazing."

Appbuilder is harmonized with complements and plays seamlessly with the Nintex (2) platform of class leading workflow, forms and mobility solutions. The combination of Appbuilder and Nintex is extremely potent and sits at the core of Devworkz E-Forms and Mobility scenarios and the associated back office processing.

About Devworkz
Devworkz is in the business of helping organizations build new pathways and capabilities that support organizational performance and productivity. They do this by helping customers automate what essentially are unmanaged business process. Inside of most organizations, inefficiencies are normally found at the nexus of day-to-day staff activities and the outcomes they deliver. Connecting staff with the required management goals and obligations, such as revenue, profit, compliance, social outcomes and services, etc., is key to any organizations' performance. By adopting a 'systems' thinking approach where business rules are defined and outcomes are measured and transparent; organizations can make massive gains.

For more information, the journey starts here,

John Ackery
CEO, Devworkz
+612 9956 5765

(1) Appbuilder for SharePoint and Nintex' is all about powering no-code digital applications and systems for the modern organization. Automate key organizational systems. Manage unmanaged business process. Orchestrate E-Forms capture and back office processing.

(2) Nintex® is the world's leading workflow company. Nintex's workflow automation platform enables everyone – business users, developers, and IT professionals – to quickly and easily automate processes.