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Dherbs Introduces 6 Flavors of 100% Raw Vegan Bars for Cleansers

Filling snacks make all the difference during a Dherbs cleanse. That’s why Dherbs is excited to announce the launch of its new 100% raw food bars.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/13/2020 --Dherbs is launching its new plant-powered, super-filling, nutritious and delicious raw food bars. Made from 100% raw vegan ingredients, these bars are great sources of protein and fiber, making them the perfect accompaniment to any Dherbs cleanse.

Snacking is one of the most important aspects of the raw vegan diet. It's integral to keep the body full between meals because this keeps people from falling off the cleansing diet. Dherbs Kitchen is a new endeavor that aims to bring Dherbs customers a variety of healthy snacks, treats, and other meals that provide nourishment and sustenance. The first edition is the newly launched superfood bars.

About The Bars
For Dherbs, the bars because have been a long time coming. Unlike traditional bars that contain a variety of processed ingredients, artificial flavors, chemicals, and added sugars, Dherbs Kitchen bars only use 100% natural ingredients. Dherbs has always been dedicated to using high quality ingredients in its herbal supplements, and the same vision was carried out in the making of these bars. The bars contain nuts, seeds, dried fruit, agave, and grade A maple syrup. The use of simple ingredients help provide essential nutrients for the body.

There are six unique flavors of the newly launched bars, giving customers the opportunity to chow down on different flavor profiles. Whether you like nutty, tropical, tart, chocolaty, or sweet flavors, Dherbs has got you covered. It's time to snack until your heart's desire! You may find that one bar gives you the power and energy that you've never experienced while cleansing before. Check out all of the flavors below.

Nutty Butter Bar
Power through your day and satisfy your hunger with this Nutty Butter Bar, which is full of fiber and protein.

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Goji Berry Bar
Our Goji Berry Bar is all about the nutty and slightly sweet flavors, in addition to the fiber and healthy fats that help you avoid any feelings of hunger.

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Super Plus Bar
Boost your energy with the power of spirulina and seeds! Our Super Plus Bar is a filling pre- or post-workout snack.

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Chocolate Cherry Tart Bar
Get a healthy dose of protein and fiber by snacking on this superfood bar, which combines notes of sweet cherry with bitter cacao.

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Island Breeze Bar
This bar has so much tropical flavor that it's about to burst out of the wrapper and transport you to a secluded island paradise.

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Very Cranberry Bar
The tart flavor of cranberries meets the sweetness of dates and nuttiness of sunflower seeds and flaxseeds in our Very Cranberry Bar.

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In closing, while these bars are beneficial for cleansers, every single Dherbs customer can enjoy these bars. They are healthy snacks that provide the body with essential amino acids, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and fiber, so you don't have to worry about going hungry.

About Dherbs
At Dherbs, our mission statement has multiple components. Dherbs.com is primarily here to help assist people in reclaiming their birthright of vibrant and optimal health. Health does not come from an external source, one outside of the human body, but one from "within" the human body. Our mission at Dherbs.com is also to help people return to nature. Dherbs recognizes that natural ingredients support all of the creatures that live on this earth. Finally, Dherbs is here to help people take responsibility of their own health.