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DialMyCalls Offers First Annual Summer Scholarship Contest

DialMyCalls.com Launches New Summer Scholarship Contest For College Students To Enter And Win Big.


Jupiter, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2017 --DialMyCalls.com is giving away $2,000 in scholarships for the upcoming 2017 school year! In 750 words you can win cash towards whatever you need for this upcoming school year. College students all across the United States can submit an entry to have a chance at winning the $1,500 first place scholarship or $500 as the runner-up.

DialMyCalls offers a school notification system that allows faculty, parents and students to communicate seamlessly. The service is completely web-based and can send out automated alerts via phone call, SMS text message or email --- contact your entire school in a matter of minutes with the click of a button.

Thousands of schools rely on DialMyCalls to send out notifications which is why the company decided to host a brand new scholarship contest for 2017. DialMyCalls' Summer 2017 Scholarship Contest tasks college students to submit an essay which contains at least 750 words in hopes of winning $1,500 for first place or $500 as the runner-up.

DialMyCalls started awarding scholarships to college students back in 2013 with the launch of the first annual 'Tweet For Success Scholarship Contest'. Since then, DialMyCalls has hosted a scholarship contest every year and has awarded $6,000 to college students to put toward their education. The school notification system provider looks to step it up in 2017 by offering a brand new Summer scholarship contest in addition to their annual 'Tweet For Success Scholarship Contest' every Fall.

DialMyCalls Summer Scholarship - Essay Topic:

In today's society a students every move is potentially relayed back to their parents with automated messages regarding school attendance, disciplinary action, and report card reminders. A couple generations ago, it was the students' responsibility to ensure their parents were aware of what was going on in school.

Do you feel this communication is a good thing for students and their overall development? Is there a point where this constant connection will ever be too much?

As a company who provides a mass notification system for many schools, we look forward to your perspective on the service we provide and how you feel it is shaping the younger generation.

DialMyCalls Summer Scholarship - Essay Instructions:

Essays should be at least 750 words in length (approximately three pages). Please be sure to submit a compelling essay that clearly depicts your stance on automated school notifications and how you feel it is shaping the younger generation.

The contest ends April 1, 2017. There will be two winners, first place will win $1,500.00 and second place will win $500.00 - winners are selected by our DialMyCalls.com staff. Winners will be notified within 14 days after the contest ends via email. Winners will also be announced on the official DialMyCalls Facebook page.

For your chance to win, please submit your entry at www.DialMyCalls.com.

About DialMyCalls
DialMyCalls.com offers an extremely effective and efficient school notification system. Schools all across the United States have been utilizing the ability to send voice and SMS broadcasts offered by the company to keep in contact with faculty, students and parents via phone call, text message and email. Year after year DialMyCalls continues to offer upcoming college students the chance to win a scholarship by entering one of their scholarship contests that they hold annually.

For more information, please visit http://www.dialmycalls.com or call 800-928-2086. You can also email tsmith@ontimetelecom.com for additional information.