Diamond Company Reger Diamond Started RDS Token Sales


Prague, Czech Republic -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2018 --The company announced the idea of releasing its own coin in April. The main goal of ICO - is to raise funds to develop the diamond business of the company Reger Diamond, which has been successfully developing in the last 10 years. ICO uniqueness - is that each coin is secured by the company real assets.

Today the diamond business is enough conservative and closed, all transactions in it pass in a narrow circle of persons, and prices are formed not by laws of the market, but by personal agreements. However, business has a number of advantages, such as financial sustainability, low risk and long-term dividend guarantee. But still, the high threshold of entry into the business, low profitability due to conservative approach and closeness do not give a clear perspective for public investors.

In order to slightly open this business to investors, the company owners decided to create ICO, which will combine the diamond business and cryptocurrency business having completely opposite advantages and disadvantages. Crypto-and blockchain technologies will allow investors to reduce the threshold of entry into the diamond business and get profit from it being in any part of our planet. It is a completely new investment product with the market value supported by real assets, and the company activity is based on the principles of openness and transparency. Blockchain technologies will open the diamond business with new opportunities for access to public financial resources, and for crypto-investors significantly reduce the risks of exchange volatility and possible investment losses, as well as stabilize capital in the long-term perspective.

According to the company business plan and White paper of ICO Project, at the first stage it is planned to attract 21.5 million dollars, which will be fully focused on production activities for manufacture of diamonds and jewellery. In 3 years the planned profit will make more than 637 million dollars.

The total issue of ICO will make 60 million RDS Tokens. But the public sales will be only 21.5 million coins at the par value of 1 USD. The remaining coins will be reserved. At the presale stage 1 000 000 Reger Diamond Security Token was realized, which was a good start of the project. Presale was finished in the third week, ahead of the business plan.

With each investor, the company plans to conclude a smart-contract, according to which in a year there is to be a reward for participation in the project in the amount of 20%, which is a guaranteed profit!

Another guarantee of the company for the investor will be the opportunity at any time to sell coins at the nominal value of 1 USD, as each coin is supported by the company real assets. This will insure RDS Token at the time of entering the cryptocurrency exchange from the rate fall below 1 USD, and the investor would always remain in the positive.

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