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Did Facebook Censor Ranger-Core for Stance on Equality?



South Pasadena, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2015 --RIGHT OR WRONG, Donald Trump took a stand, most corporations veil their true feelings from the public to protect their financial interests. Deliberate or not-- FACEBOOK silenced the human rights activists, the RANGER-CORE Graphic Novels, by removing their company page and suspending every single employee's account.

Many companies wave their confederate flags out in the open, while many more tuck it underneath their beds. Our solidarity with the victims of the South Carolina massacre & The Black Lives Matters & ERA, LGBT movement, remains unwavering. You would think a graphic novel seemingly so 'PC', a comic that supports the environment, battles to end human trafficking and protects animals--- would be championed by FACEBOOK, but that may not be the case. The same rabid people that have attacked Anita Sarkeesian and minorities are assailing us as well. We have been warned that members of certain hate groups have secretly coordinated their efforts to file complaints with FACEBOOK to get our pro-human rights site taken down. We have asked FACE BOOK for clarification but can not confirm nor deny such reports. But can verify that Hacking and vicious verbal attacks have happened to our blog and every single one of our social media sites and email accounts. We have definitely suffered (minor) Sony-STYLED attacks and had some entity send emails and create posts while hiding behind our identity. We are on the forefront of racial equality and striking a bitter blow against misogyny & that apparently pisses people off. Sources that have refused to identify themselves have quietly asked to 'tone down our positions on equality', even with the natives of this country --something we have steadfastly refused to do--a lot of industry insiders and distributors have, seemingly through second parties, directed us to "--stop bringing it up--" you can decide what those words mean and why the need for 2nd and 3rd party communications? If your positions are so just and authentic, you do not need to lurk behind the shadows and obscure your identity. Mr. Donald Trump didn't get intermediates to speak for him, he said 'this is me and this is what I believe' and you have to give him credit for that. The people talking in anonymity are simply cowards.

The RANGER CORE team is representational of minorities, LGBT and women. Marvel, and the AVENGERS, appear to have decided to, coincidentally, take the same trajectory that we had begun back in 2008. The comic was the brain child of then 8-year old Aeylias Lopez, who is also disabled with a less severe case of Muscular Dystrophy. FACEBOOK keeps asking for his 'drivers license', but they seem to fail to understand, (or not) that he is 13. Several times, Mr. Xoss (Cross) has communicated this to Mark Zuckerberg and his crew and their answers always seems to be the same, 'We did not get your communication.' More specifically, they allege they did not receive the upload of the school ID, The Los Angeles Disability Metro ID, The Credit Cards or the two separate mobile phone verifications as well as several email verifications. All of this was provided to FACE BOOK as they have only alleged that 'verification of Identity' as the singular issue-- yet, perhaps NOT the real reason CONFORM was placed on social media mute.

Our page was only shut down after we had achieved over 6,700 likes-- if identity was truly their concern, why was it not raised long ago? You don't need to get close to 7k likes to figure out something is "wrong". The under dog company has been sidelined as has their mission of achieving human equality. The creative director who is disabled due to a 1999 hit and run accident, which left him with a brain injury and slightly paralyzed on one side, is unable to meet the SOCIAL MEDIA giant's facial recognition test to prove his identity. The entire facial recognition test seems to be geared towards discriminating against people with disabilities as there is no way Mr. Xoss (CROSS), having suffered a serious TBI, could pass such a test. This evaluation appears to be reminiscent of the old voting rights tests given back in the old south to prevent minorities from voting while falsely representing themselves as an opportunity. It's a stacked deck for Mr. Xoss and FACEBOOK is aware of the issue, but perhaps does not care. I told Mr. Zuckerberg, et al, several times, but their record keeping practices seem to be extremely amateurish or they just have no interest in achieving an equitable outcome.

--It feels like discrimination, it feels like retaliation for our positions on being pro-minority and pro-women, pro- environment, pro- animals and pro-human rights. And FACEBOOK might just be violating the ADA. You have to give Mr. Trump credit for saying what he meant, despite the consequences, even though we are diametrically opposed to his position. We have had tremendous blow back for advocating the creation of American jobs. To printing on American soil with American products, eliminating lead from inks, excluding the use of PVC & lead toys, too, in fact, taking the unique position of using fair trade products only. The reality is if your products are not fair trade, you are likely supporting human trafficking or some form of slavery. The industry apparently does not like us doing any of these things and seems to be saying that we are bringing 'unnecessary attention' to them.

For anyone that thinks being PC is advantageous is out of their freaking minds and simply does not understand there is one position corporations presents to the public and how they REALLY feel. We believe Mr. Trump's comments have gone a long way to educate the public on such a reality, that many of these problems have not become RESOLVED--they have simply gone underground.

This fight has been a bitter one and we continue to demand that FACEBOOK reinstate our page.

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Conform Comics is the only comic that addresses any real social issues. Aeylias Lopez, the 13 -year old founder & creator of RANGER-CORE, wanted to explore the universe of unintended consequences. "--villains in comics are weak and do not reflect the real danger of true villains in our world. To me, they are a bunch of annoying pansies." In the mini-series, Earth must respond to it being sentenced to death for crimes against Humanity. The Inter Galactic super heroes, the RANGER-CORE, is forced to intervene against its intended galactic executioners.