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Diesel Care and Performance Inc. Becomes Distributor for Ever Ready Engines

By expanding their distribution network, Diesel Care and Performance also plans on expanding its business and customer base to provide more quality products and services to the market.


Memphis, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2016 --May 9th, 2016 Diesel Care and Performance, Inc. (DCP) has announced that they have become a distributor for Ever Ready Engines. DCP believes that expanding their affiliate network will allow them to also expand their customer base and better serve the industry as a whole. Ever Ready Engines Inc. also performs diagnostic tests on all rebuilt and refurbished engines and engine parts and components prior to delivering to customers. This quality assurance step ensures all customers receive a quality re-manufactured and refurbished product.

Diesel Care and Performance, Inc. is a national supplier and distributor also specializing in the manufacturing, rebuilding, and refurbishing of diesel engine parts, vehicle electronic components, and even vehicle performance parts for the auto manufacturing, construction, industrial and agricultural industries. It is through their experience and market presence that make them a great distribution partner for Ever Ready Engines.

As a well known distributor across the United States and Canada. Diesel Care and Performance owns and operates out of a number of warehouses located throughout the United States in order to maximize delivery times to customers. All of DCP's products are factory-approved and also tested for performance and quality prior to being shipped to customers. DCP also offers a full fuel and repair service out of their headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, a state-of-the-art facility that recently built during the beginning phases of their expansion.

DCP was co-founded by Billy Williams. Williams has over 20 years of experience in rebuilding and refurbishing diesel engine parts. Through his experience, Williams has made it his mission to provide high quality products and service to various industries. Williams continues to manage and oversee all business operations today.

By expanding their distribution network, DCP also plans on expanding its business and customer base to provide more quality products and services to the market. Additionally, DCP believes that by growing their distribution network will help them to live up to their name and reputation as the "growing line of the world's most reliable diesel auto parts for their customers".

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About Diesel Care and Performance Inc. (DCP)
Although DCP has been known as the leading distributor and supplier of refurbished and re-manufactured diesel engine parts through the years, they also believe that by expanding their distribution network with Ever Ready Engines Inc. will allow them to grow their customer base. All in all, both DCP and Ever Ready Engines are excited about growing their distribution networks, ensuring success for both organizations, and allowing them to further contribute and serve target industries.

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