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Diesel Care and Performance Expands Their Service Network with Alliant Power

Diesel Care and Performance, Inc. (DCP) announces that they have recently joined the expanding and successful dealer distribution service network for Alliant Power.


Memphis, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2016 --Diesel Care and Performance believes that becoming affiliated with the successful dealer distribution service network for Alliant Power will allow them to expand their customer reach and business. Diesel Care and Performance firmly believes in serving their customers with the best quality products. Similar to DCP, Alliant Power specializes in remanufacturing and rebuilding new and quality engine and performance parts. However, part of Alliant Power's mission is to serve the out-of-warranty customer, and to help keep the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product as the preferred service part, ensuring that vehicles and equipment continue to perform like new. Alliant Power also offers a limited warranty policy, which guarantees the quality of products and materials.

Diesel Care and Performance, a full-service diesel parts manufacturing facility based in Memphis, Tennessee, is known for remanufacturing and rebuilding diesel engine parts, fuel injection parts, equipment, electronics and other performance parts. While it may seem like these two companies specialize in the same products and serve the same industries and customers, both Alliant Power and DCP see this new partnership as an opportunity rather than a competition. Both DCP and Alliant Power each have their own unique mission and competitive advantage. Therefore, the two plan to work together to continue to serve and provide customers with quality service and products, and even expand their customer base.

Diesel Care and Performance's current customer base includes auto manufacturers, construction companies, and farms as well as other agricultural organizations of all sizes. By accessing Alliant Power's dealer distribution service network on their website, users can locate member distributors in their local areas.

With access to this new network, DCP expects to remain dedicated and committed to excellence in customer service and dominating the industry as the lead supplier in refurbished engine parts. Both Diesel Care and Performance and Alliant Power are excited about this new partnership as it will allow DCP to expand their customer reach and business.

About Diesel Care and Performance
DCP is a national supplier of refurbished and rebuilt diesel engine and vehicle electronic parts. DCP distributes these diesel engine parts to customers across the United States and Canada. DCP has a number of warehouses conveniently located throughout the United States in order to ensure on-time delivery to customers. All of DCP's products are factory-approved and come with a warranty. DCP also offers fuel and repair service out of their headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.

DCP was founded and is currently operated by co-owner, Billy Williams. Williams has over 20 years of experience refinishing and refurbishing diesel engine parts and providing high-value, quality service to the auto manufacturing, construction, and agricultural industries. Williams still oversees all business operations today.

By providing customers outstanding service, and continuing to exceed their expectations, DCP is excited about their new opportunities to grow and expand their business. DCP believes this new network will allow them to live up to part of their mission of "growing line of the world's most reliable diesel auto parts for their customers".

Visit this site here to read more about DCP, as well as their successes and accomplishments.

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