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Diesolifttm Bridges Gap to "Mission Innovation" Goals Backed by Bill Gates, George Soros and Richard Branson

Use of FPS's Technology Provides Immediate and Broad Scale Environmental Benefits


St. Louis, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2016 --Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. ("FPS" or the "Company") (IFUE) commented today on the "Mission Innovation" clean technology initiative backed by Bill Gates, George Soros, Richard Branson and numerous other renowned business leaders and countries around the world.

"We have an answer right now to reduce the carbon output of fossil fuels," said Jonathan Burst, FPS's CEO. "Investment, research and development will eventually lead us to new and zero carbon energy technologies, but that does not address the environmental problems that we are experiencing today. Use of DiesoLiFTTM will reduce the carbon output of all diesel fuel used today."

Mission Innovation: On November 30, 2015, world leaders launched Mission Innovation www.mission-innovation.net at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) in Paris, France. Mission Innovation, which to-date includes twenty participating countries and twenty-eight influential investors, pledges to assist companies in the zero carbon energy sector facing obstacles in raising capital and to increase private sector and business leader clean energy research and development commitment www.breakthroughenergycoalition.com.

Mr. Burst continued, "Although admirable in scope and desired outcome, the goals of Mission Innovation are long-term in nature and will not be achieved quickly enough to have an immediate, positive impact on our environment. We believe a portion of their investment resources should be allocated to existing, proven solutions that can be immediately employed to contribute to desired goals of reducing carbon output."

Mission Innovation should also consider helping to source funding for companies such as FPS that have a proven technology, established distribution partners and external financial transparency (as its financial statements are audited and periodically filed with the U.S. SEC). An investment in FPS is an investment in a proven technology that significantly reduces harmful engine emissions, particulates, NOx, CO2 and black smoke, while causing less fuel to be burned for the same amount of work output. With this foundation in place, the risk facing FPS is access to capital. The capital markets are not conducive for nano-cap companies like FPS that haven't reached a level of self-sustainability to efficiently raise capital.

DiesoLiFTTM is available through a group of renowned distribution partners that have fully vetted its technology including Brenntag (www.brenntag-gmbh.de), Nordmann Rassmann (www.nordmann-rassmann.com) and Unipart Rail.

For more information on DiesoLiFTTM, please visit Unipart Rail's web site:


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