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Rob Nevins Living Lean Ad Campaign Features Scot Haney of WFSB

Connecticut's "Weight Loss Guru" Aligns Himself With Better Connecticut Host, Scot Haney


Wallingford, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2013 --Rob Nevins has one goal in mind, and that is to make Connecticut the leanest State in the US.

In his latest effort to do so, Rob has aligned himself with WFSB Channel 3's own, and Better Connecticut Host, Scot Haney. "This was an easy decision... Scot is an active client of mine and is a great representation of the success of the plan.", said Rob Nevins, as he spoke about the Living Lean Program. "My methodology is simple, but often overlooked. This diet allows you to still eat the same foods found in your grocery store, it's just how you eat them and when that makes all the difference."

Rob has been active in the weight loss arena for over 25 years, and has been featured on several national television programs. He is recognized as a "weight loss expert", and has shared his in-depth knowledge of fat loss in his live seminars that have attracted thousands of people and corporations across the country. Rob has already helped 40,000+ people reach their size goals and maintain a lean and healthy lifestyle. His dieting method differs from the others, as the plan has the ability to help people lose weight, but keep it off.

As a personal trainer, he has had an opportunity to work on designing nutritional programs in health clubs throughout the country. With a National Certification in Sports Nutrition and Weight Management, he has dedicated himself to developing a nutritional understanding of weight control. With his years of experience, he has truly developed a customized breakthrough in fat loss. Rob has helped thousands of people improve the quality of their health, including those with Type II Diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol - as well as those seeking to lose excess body fat and reach their desired size.

Rob will be holding two live seminars at Chef's Emporium in Berlin, Connecticut on March 13th and 27th. Along side him will WFSB's Scot Haney speaking about the program from his own experience as a Living Lean client.

For more details visit the Living Lean website here.