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DietSixty Makes Consumers Smarter While Simplifying Weight Loss One Small Packet at a Time

DietSixty, launched by parent company NYC Anti-Aging Clinic, is the 60-day one-stop-shop approach to weight loss, stress reduction and brain health. The product uses top quality, professional grade, clinically studied ingredients and is exclusively made in an FDA approved facility in the United States.


New York City, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2014 --While science and technology continue to marry changes in food and nutrition a new weight loss program out of New York City redefines what it means to be smart, stress free and on a diet. Shown to increase focus and brain health DietSixty, launched by NYC Anti-Aging Clinic, multitasks as it demystifies weight loss while boosting brain power. Designed by a doctor, DietSixty uses American ginseng, the popular Garcinia Cambogia, green tea extract, various vitamins and minerals and the potent L-Carnitine to promote wellness in mind and body. Made with top quality, professional grade, clinically studied ingredients, the product is made exclusively in an FDA approved facility located in the United States. A low maintenance approach to weight loss, DietSixty is simply this - sixty packets, six supplements in each, for sixty days. Leaves a even the foggiest of brains to ask, “What could be simpler?”

Designed by Dr. Andrew S. Tepper, PhD, CNS, CDN the DietSixty nutritional program for weight loss is custom made to increase the fat burning process to optimal levels naturally. While helping to get glucose and insulin under control the supplements reduce food cravings and modulate Cortisol levels so stress eating is diminished. Additionally, the DietSixty weight loss supplements lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides and promote heart and liver health. By improving mental focus and energy the product enhances both short and long term memory while decreasing anxiety and chronic fatigue. DietSixty also increases lean muscles and supports Thyroid function as well.

Roman Veksler, president of NYC Anti-Aging Clinic said of the revolutionary weight loss supplement system, “DietSixty is a game changer. Just by taking six supplements in one packet a day consumers can remedy low energy, obesity and immune deficiency conditions. Doing all we can to support our clients we offer a 60-day video exercise plan on our website as well.”

About DietSixty
DietSixty is a sixty-day natural weight loss program designed by Dr. Andrew S. Tepper, PhD, CNS, CDN. The product helps consumers lose weight, raise energy levels, increase metabolism and optimize brain health. Dr. Tepper is a Doctor of Nutrition & Health Science, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Certified Dietitian Nutritionist educated at SUNY, New York University, and Sante Fe College of Natural Medicine.

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