DifferenpSHIRT Is the Modular T-Shirt That Allows Users to Swap out the Pocket with New Designs

Live on Kickstarter, #differenpSHIRT Allows Wearers to Express Their Personality With a T-Shirt that Users Can Swap out the Pocket.


Rome, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2016 --DifferenpSHIRT, the revolutionary new modular T-Shirt that allows users to swap out the pocket with brand new designs, is now live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

At it's core, DifferenpSHIRT is about stories. To launch, the company is creating a line of Italian made t-shirts with 8 different pocket designs, each one tells a story to the world about the wearer's personality, mood, or style.

"During a day how many times do we change our mood? Places?," asks founder Federico Bulleri, "With the DifferenpSHIRT you can always wear your feelings or you can just have fun. For example, I love to astonish people staying around me updating my look between the starter and the main course, or between the first and second drink."

The first D-SHIRT, as the company is calling their t-shirts, will be available in white, melange grey and black colors and in unisex sizing from XS to XXL. The differenp pocket and the D-shirt stay together thanks to a hook and loop system sewn on them. The company looked for a solution which ensures the best adherence, at the end they chose the thinnest and more resistant model on the market. 3 flaps with extra-thin velcro allows the different pocket designs to be applied on the D-shirt.

The D-Shirt is 100% Cotton to ensure softness and quality. The T-Shirt Design is double seamed at the collar, sleeves, and bottom and the crafting is 100% Italian which ensures a cool fitting and lasting finish. The pockets are crafted from Tyvek Material which allows printing of the most complex and colored shapes. It is a paper-like material, water-resistant, and also recyclable.

"Each DifferenP pocket tells one simple and ironic story through design and writing," adds Federico, "One of my favorite is one called No Ego, it says 'when you deflate your chest, the dances begin,' and the visual on the front is a chicken breast."

The DifferenP customizable Pocket T-shirt is now live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/23WriuE

About #differenpSHIRT
There is a saying which tells All roads Lead to Rome, maybe it's a coincidence but we are all Romans which have left and then went back. We had experiences in different great networks: communication, social shopping, finance. Differenp was born from Federico Bulleri idea. With the differenp shirt the company has introduced a product development evolution: they will always be updatable, this means the chance to purchase just a part. Now people can compose the products (e.g. matching shirts colors and different pockets) creating always new and original results.

For more information on #differenpSHIRT, please visit http://www.differenp.it/