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Different Financing Options for Elder Care for Annandale and Kensington


Annandale, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2020 --Professional Healthcare Resources (PHR) has been providing elder care for 20 years in the communities of Annandale and Kensington. The company's long-term experience with many clients of different backgrounds and financial positions has given them experience in relaying financing options for elder care in the area. Many families worry about how to finance elder care. Professional Healthcare Resources becomes an invaluable resource when searching for options.

One source PHR advises clients not to depend on for elder care is Medicare. Unless ordered by a physician under strict guidelines, elder care is considered "custodial care" and not covered by Medicare. This can leave caretakers scrambling to find adequate financing options for elder care.

PHR recommends looking to use personal funds in a smart way. By working with a PHR consultant, elder care can be divided into immediate needs and how to get the most out of available financial resources. Perhaps elder care may only be needed for household duties. Or, the need may be more extensive for skilled nursing and therapy. By working with PHR consultants, families and caretakers can decide what services fit their needs.

Some government plans, including Medicaid and the Program of All-Inclusive Care (PACE), are available once elder care patients reach certain financial requirements, usually when their financial resources have been exhausted. These programs will be able to pay for portions of elder care under certain guidelines. One guideline may be that the patient is receiving elder care as an alternative to living in an assisted living facility.

Eligibility requirements for paid elder care vary from state to state so PHR recommends talking with their elder care specialists for options with Medicaid or other government programs in Annandale and Kensington. Call 703-752-8700 for more details and to get started on your plan for financing elder care.

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