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Differio Sales Gain Momentum with Disruptive Online Marketing Campaigns

Differio Menswear steps up their game to dive head first into the “fast fashion” that is dramatically changing the way male consumers are buying men’s trendy clothing.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2017 --The truth is out. Now more than ever before, anything basic and generic isn't enough to satisfy the mass market. Consumers are looking for off the runway looks without the sky-high prices of luxury menswear. Moreover, they want it now. So says, Differio Meanswear. Differio sales have gained momentum with disruptive online marketing campaigns. Booming since 2014 in New York City – North America's fashion capital, Differio is an online menswear store that sells a variety of trendy men's clothing, accessories, shoes, grooming products and more.

As the demand for stylish menswear skyrockets, retailers in men's clothing are rapidly shifting gears and redesigning their business models in order to tap into this emerging market. The key to being ahead of the game is developing an engaging marketing strategy that can't be duplicated, which is exactly how Differio is finding success with a unique e-commerce platform, unlike any other retailer.

CEO, Jimmy Chrabieh, explained that while meeting supply and demand is important, the success of their business model is heavily based on disruptive marketing. This is a non-traditional method of marketing ideal for connecting with an emerging audience, such as this new target of fashion-hungry men.

Behind every marketing campaign and brand strategy, Differio is "disrupting" menswear with one, solid motto in mind – fashion different. It's a simple motto, but one that's bolstered this company towards an incredible average monthly sales growth of reportedly 25 to 30 percent.

The foundation of their marketing plan relies on three core objectives: endorsing exclusive brands, delivering original products and maintaining an aggressive online presence.

When it comes to brand development, these are the experts in finding independent designers that aren't available in the mainstream market. A majority of menswear retailers are dependent on well-known brands to sell their products, but Differio's initiative is to seek out niche brands that are nonexistent in commercial menswear, such as Maskulo of Russia, Modus Vivendi of Greece, Gregg Homme of Canada, and Pascucci Jeans of Italy.

Their consumer data has even shown that it's common for first-time customers to feel out of the loop when they're exposed to their brand collection because these designers are so exclusive to their website.

This may sound like a predominantly brand-based approach, but their product development strategy is even more crucial to their success. Along with style forecasting, their merchandise buyers must select items that meet certain criteria of product originality. Every product is like a niche item on its own that's still both practical for everyday use and appeals to their target market, ranging from utility kilts to male lingerie.

While some retailers focus on promoting their items with highfalutin brand ambassadors, Differio puts the emphasis on endorsing products with a shock factor. They don't need to rely on promotional models to advertise items; rather they let their products do the endorsing on their own.

Furthermore, their assertive online presence is a crucial part of their disruptive web marketing plan. They're not afraid to transcend gender stigmas and promote disruptive campaigns that create virality across social networking apps – Facebook being one of their strongest platforms.

They're constantly raising awareness through advanced search engine analysis and utilizing the latest advertising models. In order to survive in today's retail world, it's crucial that retailers keep up with the way consumers are shopping at bare minimum.

Amidst heavyweight retailers, Differio men's trendy clothing is inevitably changing the face of men's fashion, which in time will grow exceptionally "different".

For more information visit www.differio.com.

Jimmy Chrabieh
Differio Menswear, CEO