Digital Booklet Maker from FlipBuilder Has Taken the World by Storm

FlipBuilder has brought a wave of novelty in online publishing with Flip PDF, a digital booklet maker that aims to give a facelift to age-old marketing tools.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2018 --FlipBuilder is a top name in the world of online publishing, and keeping with this image, they are constantly innovating. One of their latest in the field of online publishing is the digital booklet maker known as Flip PDF.

Mr. Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipBuilder, said, "We found that new-age businesses are using every trick in the booklet to reach out. That stirred in us the desire to come up with a digital booklet maker. With this, we aim the businesses to convert their drab old PDF files to interactive booklets."

Today, in the face of tough competition, every business aims to optimize their marketing tools. Recreating the existing booklets with a touch of modernity and making it interactive can also bring in great ROI. With Flip PDF, the users can try to convert their PDF files to something of a quality reading material and even bridge in the gap between conversion and display.

This digital booklet maker is available for use on Windows or Mac computers. Users can just create a booklet out of the PDF with smooth transition effects, rich media and interactive social icons in place. All of this helps in engaging the readers or end users who can also view such booklet right from their mobile.

Digitalization has taken the world by a storm, and it is necessary for the businesses to make sure that they adapt to it. The digital booklet maker is available online and on the cloud storage enabling the authors or users to edit the files, and work on improvising them on the go. Flip PDF developed by FlipBuilder allows the users to upload, add rich media, customize the background, and even enhance its appeal manifold.

The printed booklets have a shelf life. However, the online booklets last forever. Businesses can aim to share these online booklets to more clients globally.

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder is a Hong Kong-based firm developing software solutions for the businesses across the world. Their flagship product Flip PDF, a digital booklet maker has already taken the world by storm.

For more information, please visit http://www.flipbuilder.com/.