Digital Flip Book Software Company Releases Free Tutorial on Magazine Making

FlipBuilder offers affordable way to turn PDF magazine into online flip books. Also, it provides specific tutorial to teach beginners to make a professional online magazine.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2015 --A software startup that makes it easy for businesses to create online "flip books" from PDF files is releasing a new tutorial on how to make a magazine. Yes, it is from FlipBuilder digital flipbook company to release the steps by using Flip PDF to create a professional magazine.

FlipBuilder's tutorial explains the advantages of using Flip PDF to publish an interactive magazine online. With Flip PDF, publishers of all types can access information and tools on how to make a beautiful online magazine with pages that readers can virtually flip through. Flip book magazines can be used for all purposes, from commercial to educational and even for entertainment.

The Flip PDF tutorial details how to create a unique and professional-looking online magazine quickly and easily in three simple steps: importing a PDF or creating a new file from a template, customizing the content and publishing the magazine.

"Our new tutorial illustrates the many virtues of creating a magazine with Flip PDF and shows just how easy it is for anyone, regardless of skill level, to create a beautiful page flip magazine from a PDF file," said Alice Lee, Marketing Manager at Flip Builder. "With Flip PDF, anyone can turn a static PDF into a flipping online magazine that will please readers of all types."

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder provides high quality, user-friendly software that allows anyone to convert PDFs into professional page-flipping eBooks. FlipBuilder's affordably prices, feature-rich applications are ideal for a range of business and personal purposes.

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