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Digital Marketing Consultant Luna Vega Launches YouTube Channel to Entertainingly Inform Small Business Owners

With a trendy signature style complete with a dynamic approachability digital marketing consultant Luna Vega launches her new YouTube channel. The channel is a insightful spot where youth meets knowledge to promote global marketing.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/11/2014 --Making the whole wide world seem a bit more within reach Luna Vega brings a down to earth approach to global marketing. How does she do it? With the launch of her new YouTube channel that’s already garnered attention with 10,000 views. Focused on marketing tips for brands with their eye on selling product internationally Vega’s YouTube videos are informative and fun to watch. Informative because she imparts practical knowledge. Fun because her youth and personality is delightfully infectious.

With a wealth of knowledge typically reserved for stodgy types Vega gives a young and hopeful, highly-personalized look into global marketing strategies. In her latest video posted on YouTube Vega discusses little known marketing tips for small fashion businesses. Over coffee on a New York City stoop Vega talks about the “3 Tricks To Grow Your International Traffic” by way of multi-channel selling, social networking ads and contests. The video includes tips like leveraging platforms to meet these objectives like Amazon, Etsy, Polyvore, and Twitter whereby contest software can be used to up the ante on sales.

Other videos on the Luna Vega YouTube channel include a realistic look at “How To Set Your Business Goals” and “3 Questions To Ask When Launching Internationally”. Each two to three minute video offers quick insights for launching a small business into a global marketplace with easy e-commerce tips. Establishing herself as an insightful young mind with the ability to share resources for income potential Vega has already reached nearly 10,000 views. To date, the digital marketing consultant’s most popular video is entitled, “The #1 E-Commerce Mistake to Avoid”.

About Luna Vega
Luna Vega is a digital marketing consultant focused on fueling the growth of brands internationally. Vega has fifteen years of experience working in markets such as Paris, Berlin, Singapore and New York creating bespoke digital marketing plans for Fortune 500 clients. Using a network of experts from ethnographic researchers to software developers to connect brands with up to date cultural, social and digital opportunities she uncovers cultural nuances, technical business needs and key market challenges. She is the author of The Global Influence: The Small Business E-Commerce Guide to Selling Internationally.


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