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Digital Marketing Expert Danny Fisher Joins the Team Team is pleased to welcome on board Danny Fisher, who brings a wealth of experience to their current team.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2016 --Danny Fisher a digital marketing expert who has over 17 years of experience managing and assembling intuitive data platforms for both national and international multi-million and multi-billion dollar brands is pleased to announce he has joined the Team. provides the perfect online marketing solution to help organizations to get their message out there in an affordable and positive manner. They have become the largest wholesale media providers, helping their customers to increase their exposure and customer base for increased growth and sales.

The company also provides a solution for those who have their own websites looking to increase their advertising revenue. Over the years, there have been complaints from webmasters, blogs, and publishers who feel they are not being paid enough. Google Adwords were always a reliable high earning solution for publishers but over the years, they have become one of the least recommended to gain a serious financial income.

Some magazine sites that are failing to earn high advertising revenue or realistic revenue have turned to crowdfunding campaigns to help keep their magazine site running. With the high running costs and low revenue returns, many publishers are struggling, but there is now a solution with the platform that PerfectCPM offers.

Danny Fisher explained: " has grown in popularity and has become a vital platform for advertisers who need to gain maximum exposure. However, it's not just advertisers the platform is helping. Publishers are seeing a big increase in revenue, allowing them to receive the high financial return that other solutions have failed to pay them."

PerfectCPM continues to develop technology, and attracts new advertisers due to the success of their platform. That is good news for publishers who want quality advertisers and to be paid high revenues for the leads that are being generated through the advertisements on their sites.

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About Danny Fisher
Danny is a Digital Marketing expert with over 17 years of experience. He has worked for both national and international multi-million and multi-billion dollar brands and corporations. He is an expert in digital transformation in both PC and Mobile environments formulating and managing teams to drive both profitable and scalable online user acquisition.