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Digitization Industry Leader Ristech Inc. Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary with a Timely Book Sanitizer for Public Libraries

With a seasoned company’s foresight, a new sterilization device helps the library industry eliminate bacteria, viruses, and mold from books with the touch of a button.


Burlington, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2020 --Marking their 25th anniversary with a gift for readers nationwide, Ristech Inc. announces a new forward-focused approach to clean books. In a COVID-19 age where a book sterilizer can bridge normality, the innovative company has upped the library technology ante once again. This time, the company offers public library book sanitization utilizing UV rays to disinfect up to six books and magazines at a time in 30 seconds. Welcome to Ristech's launch of the SB-601 Public.

The SB-601 Public uses a chemical-free approach thanks to internal air circulation and a 253.7 wavelength of UV light. It protects from microbial types like salmonella colon bacillus and staphylococcus. The SB-601 Public also removes dust from books with a convenient air blower that keeps them open so the UV light can reach pages effectively. For added protection, the library book sterilizer has tempered glass to prevent UV rays from being released externally.

Ristech Inc. is known industry-wide for the high-volume digitization of books and microfilm for electronic delivery of content via automated scanning systems. In July, the company launched books and content delivery through unattended locker systems.

Robb Richardson, the CEO of Ristech Inc., said of the company's 25-year milestone, "It's been a wonderful experience. In 1995 Don Steacy and I formed Ristech to support 3M customers with digital conversion and distribution of documents, microfilm, newspapers and engineering drawings. We formed strategic partnerships with manufacturers of scanning and digitization technologies from Germany, France, Japan, and the United States. In 2014, we acquired Kirtas Inc. to continue the manufacturing and global distribution of robotic book scanning solutions. Now we are a key supplier of the library book sanitizer that will revolutionize the industry."

For more information, visit http://www.ristech.com.

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Ristech Inc. is a leading global distributor of automated digital media. The company partners with libraries, municipalities, educational institutions, and corporations to capture and protect pertinent archives. 

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