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Digitizing Microfilm and Microfiche in Vancouver: 5 Reasons to Start Now

Degradation can potentially harm large amounts of data stored on microfilm and microfiche


Burnaby, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2020 --As a firm that digitizes microfilm and microfiche in Vancouver, the team at Micro Com Systems understands the challenge of keeping preserving? long-term records. Once upon a time, microfilm and microfiche were the best ways to safely and permanently store large amounts of data and images. However, being an analog format, both required specialized hardware to view and print records when they were required. Most of the manufacturers of this equipment have stopped making it as demand has fallen over the last few decades. There is now a better, more user-friendly alternative—digitization. For more, go to https://www.microcomsys.com/5-reasons-to-digitize-your-microfiche-and-microfilm-records/

Digitizing records is easily the best long-term solution for every day use and storage—and there are several compelling reasons that range of usability to practicality. Five of the top reasons for digitizing microfilm and microfiche are listed below.

Reduce Space
Film-based records take up a lot of space. This could mandate a lot of shelving or even an entirely separate room. Digital records can be stored on a drive or server, dramatically reducing space requirements and potentially opening valuable real estate in an office.

No one likes being sent to the archive room. While accessing film-based records means rummaging through boxes and labels, a digital archive is entirely searchable. By using Optical Character Recognition technology, it's possible to create an index of content so text and data are easily searchable.

One of the most pressing concerns of microfilm and microfiche is legacy. Simply put, if these assets aren't stored in precise environmental conditions, they can degrade quickly, potentially compromising valuable information and data. Digital records, by comparison, have an indefinite shelf life.

Loss Prevention
Information contained on microfilm and microfiche is often sensitive historic records or company information. A catastrophic event like an earthquake or fire could result in devastating losses. Digitization means records can be backed-up, stored, and shared—there's little chance of being lost or destroyed.

Another distinct benefit of digitization is enhancement. When microfilm and microfiche records are scanned into the computer, it's possible to use professional software to enhance the images/text making it clearer and easier to read.

Professional scanning of microfilm and microfiche records is now easier than ever. No special equipment is required. With Micro Com, it's possible to digitize full libraries and archives, which means important historical photographs and records are safer and easier to access.

Learn more about digitizing microfilm and microfiche records in Vancouver. Quotes are available. Give the team at Micro Com Systems a shout to get started.

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