DigMyRoot.com Announces the Launch of the World's First Online Marketplace for Buying and Selling In-Ground and Out-Ground Plants


Ridgefield, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2014 --DigMyRoot.com today announced the launch of their online marketplace for buying and selling in-ground and out-of-ground landscape trees and shrubs. The service will initially focus on New England and then expand nationally.

Many homeowners cut down valuable plants while landscaping their yards. What if consumers could put money in their pocket while protecting the environment by reclaiming landscape plants?

The auction based service connects property owners who want to sell in-ground plants with buyers looking for mature specimens. Also landscape professionals can use DigMyRoot.com as a medium to sell their out-of-ground plant material and other supplies such as dirt, mulch, compost, firewood and equipment.

The landscape industry has been hit particularly hard by the recession and many businesses are trying to find ways to expand. DigMyRoot.com provides nurseries and landscape professionals a new outlet to connect with a broad audience of potential customers by posting their inventory online along with gaining access to all kinds of landscape plants, supplies and equipment.

Visit www.DigMyRoot.com to learn more.

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About DigMyRoot.com
DigMyRoot.com is an auction based system that connects property owners and gardening professionals wanting to sell their landscape trees and shrubs with buyers looking for mature specimens.

In addition, DigMyRoot.com offers landscape professionals a new outlet to not only sell their plants but also post gardening supplies and equipment. To expand a business or simply sell off excess inventory, DigMyRoot.com is an exceptional connection to the buyers business owners seek.

David Palmer