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DIN Rail Mounted Solid-State Devices from EDR/Vsholding

Electronic Design & Research Inc, the leader in developing and MFG innovative Solid-State Modules, announces availability of up to 10.0 kW rated output power Solid-State devices for 35mm DIN rail mounting


Louisville, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/22/2016 --Electronic Design and Research, Inc., the leader in developing and MFG innovative Solid-State Modules, announced availability of up to 10.0 kW rated output power Solid-State Devices integrated inside of standard enclosures mountable on a 35mm DIN Rail, http://www.vsholding.com/NEWSRELEASE/DINMOUNT.PDF

Having a DIN Rail clamp, device can be easily mounted or removed at any locations on the DIN Rail, thus making installation or replacement simpler. Where it is appropriate, a fuse holder can be installed for accommodating a required fuse, like on low and medium power H-drivers. Industrial standard fuse holders made by others companies are widely available and offered with our devices (as it shown on the picture).

Wide range of devices available off the shelf, rated at variety of output voltages, output currents, input control voltages and power requirements. We have devices such as Full-Bridge Isolated Drivers intended for Peltier (thermoelectric) elements, DC Brush Motors, high-speed solenoid, High Intensity Discharging (HID) lamps, solenoid valves, stepper-motors for robots and 2D and 3D-tables, etc. Two inputs are useable for individually PWM controls (each directions) and are opt-isolated from the rest of the circuitry and functioning in a binary fashion thus provide three various controls.


High-speed isolated H-drivers are usable for driving Piezo transducers, Piezo horns, a voltage boosters, etc. DH7G24D60 is capable of delivering up to 1.4 kW average (36 kW pulse) and DH7G150D35 delivers 5.4 kW (180 kW pulse), with a highest frequency to 180 KHz and a lowest frequency to as low as a 400 ns pulse width. Varieties of fast, high-power relays/switches are available for timely delivery.

We rate all our devices without considering an external heat sink, thus removing confusion in selecting a proper device for your applications. Our devices have been good candidates for energy efficient applications, while PWM abilities support enhanced flexibility and precision control.

About Electronic Design & Research Inc.
Electronic Design & Research Inc. is a small high-tech company that develops and manufactures high-performance solid-state modules, such as relays/switches, high-speed push-pull drivers, highly efficient Charge-and-Add DC/DC converters, high-current switching systems capable of delivering megawatts of power in 50 ns and power distribution switches for power back-up systems. For bio-medical applications, we offer a super-high resolution EKG for recording the His-Bundle signal from a body surface on beat-by-beat basis, high-speed biases generator (DDS-701, HSBG-602, etc.) for MRI/MRS, etc. EDR's innovative solutions serve high-growth applications within the automotive market, thermo-electrical coolers/heaters, with additional focus on aviation, and industrial solutions and various other research facilities.