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Dine out America and Make a Meal of Charity Fundraising at the Same Time


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2015 --As Americans consume another $2.9 billion dollars today on food, Dallas based, The Give Back Campaign is aiming to attract just a few percent of that for charity through its unique Eat 4 a Good Cause program.

According to Managing Director Thom Aldredge, "if we can attract just 1 or 2 % of this daily spend and direct it towards worthy causes, we can make some great strides in cancer research, ending homelessness, reducing domestic violence and a raft of other community issues."

The Give Back campaign is tackling the issue of falling donations for charities by targeting businesses looking for new and better value customers. "We're being told all across the country that retail margins are falling, business are confused by the plethora of marketing options and are just sick and tired of discounting. Business are saying we know we need to look after our communities and support them but just handing over money isn't possible any longer" said Thom Aldredge.

The Eat 4 A Good Cause program sees consumers searching our eateries who will Give Back a % of their spend to the charity of their choice. Business wins because it gains business, the charities win because they see donations from the business and consumers are happy because they get to eat out and help their favorite charity at the same time.

The unique Win, Win, Win is attracting attention amongst business owners, passionate about supporting community and worthy causes. Instead of just handing over a donation and hoping to get business, The Give Back Campaign brings business before donations are given meaning in the long run greater amounts can be paid to charities.

"Business can enroll in the program for as little as $30 per month, charities for free and if we can reach out goal each day, $58,000,000 million today would be moved into the hands of charity" said Thom Aldredge

About The Give Back Campaign
The Give Back Campaign was created to harness the spending power of consumers to benefit Charities and Not for Profit organisations. We understand the value of community and the power of business to make a difference.

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