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DinoSystem Dinosaurs Ecosystem Simulator and Survival Game Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/25/2014 --Italian indie game developer Daniele Ferraro and his team have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to support the development of DinoSystem, a top-down 2D survival game simulating a complex cretaceous ecosystem, with strong RPG and DinoSystem is planned for PC, OS X and Linux, release is scheduled for Q3 2015 depending on the success of the crowdfunding campaign. The game simulates every imaginable variable such as character needs, metabolism, body composition, air and body temperature, animal life and behavior, vegetation, natural disasters, soil fertility and aridity, water cycle, weather and seasonal changes among many more yet to be determined. Every variable works to create a dynamic and emergent survival experience where the player is not the center of the world, but The setting of the game is the Hell Creek Formation (North America) during the late Cretaceous era. The end-game features the possibility of a massive disaster, marking the end of the age of Dinosaurs. This concept does not support the idea that humans coexisted with dinosaurs as seen in The Flintstones or the Creation Museum, as the developers are still working on a story that legitimizes this fictional scenario.

DinoSystem can be played either in Survival mode or God mode: in Survival mode you control a human or a dinosaur, while the God mode has the player actively managing the simulated ecosystem, a bit like SimEarth and SimLife.

The game has been a one man project for over three months before a team was formed, which is now composed by three guys: two italians and one from US. The lead developer, Daniele, is a biology student and huge fan of simulation games as well as a science enthusiast.

“We didn’t want to make a simple game; we wanted to create the rules from which the game world evolves” – Daniele Ferraro, DinoSystem developer.

More info can be found on the project's IndieGoGo campaign.

About "Dinosystem"
DinoSystem is a sandbox and open-ended wilderness survival game immersed in an ecosystem simulation. It is planned for PC, OSX and Linux, and, if the crowdfunding goal is reached, the game will also be ported to mobile.