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Direct Interview Launches to Help Recruiters and Job Seekers Cut to the Chase

Launched as a smart solution for those looking for the perfect fit for a new job, Direct Interview becomes the go-to resource with a new resume-writing enhancement that animates the process.


Rockville, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2017 --Ah, the dreaded first interview. What if there was a way to sign on, answer questions via video recording, and insert the link in a resume? Sound too convenient to be true? Enter Direct Interview. Its creators are out-of-the-box thinkers who have cornered the market on simplicity when it comes to job recruitment. Newly-launched and ready to change the game, the platform introduces a new resume format that centers around video interviews: interviews that are recorded at the job seeker's convenience and retrieved by recruiters also at their convenience. No scheduling. No travel expenses. No Skype. Anyone ready for a close-up?

For Recruiters:

It all starts when recruiters post a request for a job opening. From their Direct Interview dashboard, they can choose questions they would like to ask the applicants. Then they place a link to the questions on the company's website alongside the position announcement. Applicants follow the link and record their video responses to questions that are posed by a pre-recorded real person. Once applicants have submitted their video responses to chosen questions, recruiters can narrow down their shortlist by reviewing the videos.

For Job Seekers:

With Direct Interview, job seekers don't need to wait on the recruiter's responses for the first interview screening. They can record professional live video interviews with live questions relevant to their background and insert the link from the interview into a resume. Now, recruiters can click on the link to see a video interview as soon as they receive the application.

Zhan Amalyan, the founder of Direct Interview, said of the launch: "This is a no-pressure way to interview for a job. Scheduling is a thing of the past and so are distance restrictions. Applicants merely respond to live video questions in real time and show employers their personality and enthusiasm. And, if you're a job recruiter, you can effortlessly narrow down the talent pool and get a high-quality short list of applicants - a list that can be shared internally within the company, rated, commented on, archived, and accessed across multiple devices. Recruiters save time and money. Job seekers increase their chances of being hired. A simple win/win for everybody."

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About Direct Interview
Direct Interview is based in Bethesda, Maryland and is an online resource that connects job recruiters to job seekers via a new resume format that forever changes the recruitment space.

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