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Direct Selling for Dummies by Direct Sales Expert - #1 on Amazon

Direct Selling for Dummies went to #1 in Amazon in Under 24 hours in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Direct Selling for Dummies is written by The Direct Sales Expert, International Best Selling Author, Founder of Step Into Success, and entrepreneur Belinda Ellsworth.


Lakeland, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2015 --Direct Selling for Dummies by entrepreneur, international best selling author, Founder of Step into Success, trainer, coach, business consultant and the direct sales expert Belinda Ellsworth was released on October 5, 2015.Belinda Ellsworth has written Direct Selling for Dummies specifically for people enjoying their home based direct selling business. It was written for those starting out but also captivates the seasoned direct sales veterans. Ellsworth's new international #1 Amazon best selling book, 'Direct Selling for Dummies,' is now available on Amazon. Within the pages discover the different selling models, the skills you need to succeed, how to implement your sales strategies, ways to maximize social media power, and how to keep your home based business going and growing.

Reviews of Direct Selling for Dummies are lighting up all over Belinda Ellsworth Facebook page:

"... looking forward to using it [Direct Selling for Dummies] with my new direct sell business. It's because of them I discovered Belinda Ellsworth, Direct Sales Expert - Step Into Success, looking to forward learning, growing and using the ideas from the book, and the various other sources you use to educate us. Thanks you so much for the time and effort you give." - Tyra H.

"This is the book I've always wanted to read. I've been in direct sales for 2 1/2 years and this is exactly the book I've felt should be out there... I'm in love! Great job!" - Dawn C.

With Ellsworth's help within the book, explore:

- how direct sales work, the compensation plans and the pros/cons of a startup to choose your ideal company

- how Network Marketing, Party Plan and Hybrid models differ from each other

- how to get appointments and bookings, plan a great launch, generate a buzz, keep your hosts excited and hold successful parties

- the best social media to grow the business and

- how to master the art of recruiting and networking, making follow-up a priority

"...that is soooo awesome Belinda Ellsworth, Direct Sales Expert - Step Into Success you certainly have made a fabulous impression everywhere…" - Sue W

"I rec'd my book on Tuesday -- it's pretty awesome!! Thanks, Belinda, for putting ALL this fabulous info in ONE place!!" Brenda Y.

How do you get started in direct sales? What is the best way to grow a direct sales business? What are ways to add a powerful punch into any business? We all have these questions, and in Direct Selling for Dummies, Belinda Ellsworth helps find the answers. Ellsworth uniquely takes her more than 30 years of experience and lively personality with her entrepreneurial smarts to help people build a thriving team and business.

With Ellsworth's help, you will also learn:

- Why direct selling works
- Ways to bolster your confidence
- Time management tips
- How to hone your presentations skills
- The 2+2+2 follow-up method
- How to maximize an event
- Communication aids
- Great online resources
- Tricks for handling your income and dealing with taxes

Direct Selling for Dummies is a must have if you are in the direct selling industry.

About Belinda Ellsworth
Belinda Ellsworth has been a speaker and trainer for the direct sales industry for over 20 years. After building a successful business with two companies, she founded Step into Success in 1995 and has helped thousands of direct sellers and entrepreneurs. She has worked with more than 200 different direct sales companies as a consultant and conference speaker and impacted thousands more through her seminars and training programs.

Known as the "verbiage queen", her training helps consultants and leaders see results, including an increase in bookings, recruiting and retention. She consistently conducts surveys and research to stay one step ahead and offers a variety of products and services all focused on helping direct sellers reach their potential.

Because of her passion and impact on the industry, she won the 2015 Direct Selling Association's Ethos Partnership Award, which is a huge honor.