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Directory Industry Seeks the Help of Google to End Hacking for Pagerank

Members of the web directory industry have uncovered a large network of directories that is operated by an owner who is actively hacking into websites in an effort to leave links to artificially inflate their pagerank. Although leading members of the directory industry are working hard to notify those that have been compromised by this network's operator, Google's prompt action could put an end to this active security threat.


Cleveland, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2013 --As the result of many webmaster forum discussions involving high pagerank web directories, an analysis has been conducted and concluded that a large web directory network is hacking websites to hide their links to artificially inflate their pagerank. Further analysis has determined that this network exceeds well over one hundred and fifty individual web directories in which many are utilizing this same technique to artificially inflate their pagerank.

In response to this threat, many within the web directory industry are actively contacting those with compromised websites, their hosting providers and Google. Although contacting webmasters and hosting providers of compromised websites has helped to limit some of the damage caused by this network, many within the web directory industry believe that Google’s assistance could mitigate this security threat and reduce the likelihood of it occurring again. The management at VMOptions also shares in the belief that Google is uniquely positioned to thwart this ongoing attack on innocent and well respected websites.

Pagerank, which was recently discussed by Matt Cutts in a YouTube video just days ago, is often used by those within the SEO industry to gauge the value of a webpage. End users, on the other hand, may use pagerank as a signal of trust or reputation. But for the unscrupulous, pagerank is often used to value underground link transactions in an effort manipulate search engine positions. For this reason, some within the web directory industry wrongly strive to achieve a high pagerank instead of providing end users with a quality user experience.

VMOptions believes the current hacking activities taking place not only threaten the legitimacy of the web directory industry, but places many websites at risk. Despite daily efforts by those within the web directory industry to police their own, the artificial pagerank that these directories have attained is controlled by Google. Many that are participating in forum discussions at V7N and Digital Point are anxiously awaiting action that will finally end this web directory network and their hacking activities once and for all.

About VMOptions
VMOptions, which is an abbreviation for Virtual Media Options, is a well-established member of a large and very diverse website directory industry. As a member of this industry, where high quality web directories are distinguished by their content and features, VMOptions has joined with other respected community members to minimize the security threats posed by those that seek to manipulate Google’s pagerank by hacking into websites. Besides efforts to police their own industry, the management of VMOptions feels that they have a duty to help protect those that list their businesses within directories and the other web directory owners that work hard to provide their users with a quality resource of categorized websites.