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Disability Insurance for Skilled Construction Professionals in Washington and Surrounding States Including Cities of Everett, Seattle and Tacoma, WA


Kirkland, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2019 --CEG Life Insurance Services, an independent agency located in Kirkland, highlights the need for disability insurance for skilled professionals in Bellevue, Everett, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Tacoma, WA.

Many professionals all over the world are what can be classified as 'skilled' professionals. Most people think about surgeons or architects when they hear of skilled professionals, but many skilled jobs are also in the construction industry. Washington State is looking to increase training in these high-demand positions as 80% of construction companies in Washington are struggling to find qualified workers. The jobs in these fields, including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, sheet-metal work, and pipe-fitting, is expected to be one of the top three employment sectors for growth through 2022 alongside healthcare and technology.

The news that the growth in these skilled professions is well received, especially with the annual salary at $50,000 or more. However, insurance companies such as CEG Life Insurance Services recommend employees in these fields pay attention to their needs in terms of disability insurance. Certain disabilities may mean they are not able to return to their previous position but are still able to return to some sort of occupation. This could mean a completely different line of work and perhaps years of retraining. For example, if a worker was previously in a skilled profession that required climbing or building framework and then lost their mobility, they wouldn't be able to return to the same position. Getting back to the same pay level in a new field or even in a new position in the same industry, say from fieldwork to office or sales work, could take a number of years.

One type of disability insurance skilled professions should be on the lookout for is regular ("Pure Own") Occupation Benefit. This benefit allows the owner of the policy to collect the full disability benefit while receiving compensation from new employment. This is especially essential to a skilled profession that is dependent on mobility, flexibility or coordination. Any new job could require training, experience, and qualifications that could take years to build.

CEG Life Insurance Services recommends that anyone with a skilled profession first talk to their human resources department to get a clear understanding of what type of disability insurance is offered and what it includes. Anyone can also talk to CEG Life insurance Services about individual disability insurance for Occupation Benefit or any other particular disability insurance that pertains to their skilled profession.

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