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Discount My Prescription Reaches 50,000 Download Milestone

Los Angeles-based Company Continues to Save Money for Thousands of Americans Nationwide


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2015 --Drugs are a part of our everyday lives, helping us eat, breathe, and live easier in a myriad of ways. Prescription medication helps us cope, helps us heal, and allows us to live productive lives. The right drug can make all the difference in the world, alleviating pain and giving us the strength to manage our busy lives. Unfortunately prescriptive medication can cause financial woes too – whether you have a great insurance plan or an average one. Simply put, medication carries a heft financial burden over time, and consumers are left choosing between their pills or their prosperity. Fortunately one company has been hard at work helping medication-dependent Americans make ends meet. Discount My Prescription has made it their goal to help consumers across the country, which they accomplish by providing discount cards for prescription drugs that boast 24-94% savings for FDA-approved prescription medications. Most recently the company hit a major milestone, reaching 50,000 total downloads.

Perhaps the reason the discount cards are so popular is the ease of using them. Discount My Prescription offers them without eligibility requirements, application, or enrollment fees. Anyone can use the discount RX card, regardless of their medical insurance.

The next logical question then of course is how does it work? Pharmacies agree to let Discount My Prescription customers to obtain discount pricing in an effort to increase customer volume. Essentially, the pharmacies are interested in customer volume because it increases the number of opportunities to sell items in addition to the medications. The chances are good that customers will show interest in other items and the pharmacy can effectively increase profits in that way. Interested customers can obtain the card without any sign up information. Simply download the card through the website, print it out, or display it on your smartphone when making a prescription purchase. Impressively, the discount card has unlimited uses, can be used right away, and never expires!

CEO and founder of Discount My Prescription, Jeremy Dickson, spoke about the recent mark his company reached, "The goal remains the same, no matter if we are helping five people or 50,000 people save money. 50,000 is quite an achievement, but we are ultimately just happy to help anyone we can to save money on their medications. These prescription drugs are a vital part of the lives of many Americans, and if we can play any role – big or small – in getting them the help they need, we will do it."

About Discount My Prescription
Discount My Prescription, the leading provider of the free prescription discount card, provides discounts for millions of people and takes advantage of the power of group buying to negotiate medication discounts on behalf of customers. The drug pricing tool on their website is easy to use and helps find the lowest cost for your medication at all participating pharmacies.