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Discover Why This Mortgage Industry Professional Is Massively Increasing His Marketing ‘budget’ in an Economy Right on the Brink of Recession


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2007 -- If you listen to the conventional wisdom, you’d believe the mortgage industry was “dead in the water” and any sane broker or loan officer would be best advised to find a nice “safe” career in another industry.

But this is just a self-fulfilling prophesy according to Scott Tucker, the #1 marketing educator of mortgage brokers in the country.

Scott says, “The problem is really all in people’s heads. They read the news, they listen to the radio, and they watch TV…and see all the negativity and they just accept that it’s true!”

According to Tucker, although the economy does present challenges to today’s mortgage industry professionals, it’s nothing that can’t be overcome EASILY with a steady nerve and bold marketing. He says, “Too many mortgage guys are panicking and swallowing the big lie, that the mortgage business is dead, that the whole economy is about to go belly up. But it’s NOT true. People are still spending money, and the funds are still there for the refi’s of all sorts of different types! There is NOTHING going on in the economy to stop ANY broker or loan officer from not only SURVIVING but also THRIVING if they’ll get their MARKETING right!”

Award-winning Tucker is a firm advocate of direct marketing, a style of marketing dating right back to the late 1800s, that has fallen out of favor with big business in recent years. But the success of the people who use Tucker’s system proves beyond doubt, direct marketing is STILL the most effective marketing there is.

It’s using Scott Tucker’s proprietary system that recently allowed one mortgage broker to effortlessly rake in $48,291.33 in fees, slap-bang in the middle of the ‘worst month ever’ of the so-called ‘sub-prime meltdown’...working from his hospital bed!

And in recognition of today’s greater challenges, instead of following the conventional route of “battening down the hatches” to weather the storm, Tucker has added MORE to his System…THREE new loan types to his ALREADY powerful system:

1. Reverse Mortgages. Tucker has identified a hot list of borrowers to take-out reverse mortgages! And the best part of it is, you do NOT have to be an FHA broker to do a reverse! As long as BOTH borrowers are 62 or over, they do NOT need ANY assets besides their principal residence! They need NO income, and NO credit! And the reverse mortgage money they get can NOT cause reduced Social Security and/or pension payments! Best of all, the money they get is NOT taxable!

Tucker has created copyrighted mailing pieces that attract the perfect prospects for these mortgages! And he has added the mailing pieces AND his proprietary list of prospects to his System, for ALL his Members to use!

2. FHA Streamline refi’s. Tucker has proved there are thousands of these out there, just waiting to be done, and they bring rich rewards for the brokers who use Tucker’s System to attract these borrowers to them!

Says Tucker, “the marketing materials in my system are perfect for pulling in these borrowers...I’ve built my proprietary list of hot prospects, and all my Members have to do is mail them what I give them! My lettershop does all the work for them! It’s all there...all you gotta do is ‘flip the switch!’ It’s brain-dead simple!”

3. ARM Re-Sets. There are THOUSANDS of ARM mortgages coming to the end of their low-rate terms! And this is bad news for a lot of borrowers!

Ninety percent (90%) of these are NOT sub-prime! And the prospect of going to the “adjusted” rate means these borrowers need help! Tucker’s System includes his proprietary list of prospects, as well as the copyrighted marketing materials to be mailed!

Tucker concludes: “The worst thing you can do in this kind of market is be timid & fearful! Bold marketing will always see you through! That’s why, instead of pulling back and paring the marketing down to the bone, I’ve actually MASSIVELY increased the marketing materials and avenues open to my Members! They’ll thrive in the coming recession AND when we come out of it, they’ll be best placed to take advantage of the more favorable conditions too! Mark my words: anyone who does NOT take their marketing EVEN MORE seriously over the next few months is doomed to struggle, and probably go-under when recession really hits!”

To interview Scott Tucker on how mortgage brokers can not only survive, but also THRIVE in the midst of the coming recession, please fax him at 773-327-2842, and he’ll get back to you within 24 business hours. To learn more about Scott Tucker and his marketing System for mortgage brokers, please go to http://www.MortgageMarketingGenius.com.