Triple Seven eCigs

Disposable Cartridges from Triple Seven eCigs Are Improving Customer Convenience

Consumers Love the Disposable Cartridges for their Electronic Cigarettes


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2014 --Electronic cigarettes are already the most convenient way to smoke. They are available in a variety of flavors and styles, and they can be used in more places than traditional cigarettes. And electronic cigarette company Triple Seven eCigs is making them even more convenient with its disposable cartridges.

These cartridges come in a number of different exciting flavors. They include classic tobacco, mango, apple martini, berry, peach, grape, menthol, citrus and more. There are choices there for people who want classic tobacco tastes and for those who are looking for more flavorful alternatives.

In fact, the entire Triple Seven brand is about offering alternatives and choices for its consumers. Their premium quality products usually come in a variety of sizes and styles, suitable for any taste. And these disposable cartridges are just the next step in trying to create products for as any kinds of customers as possible.

Not everyone wants to make the investment into a long-lasting cartridge when they use electronic cigarettes. Some of them are using the product for the first time, and they might be looking for something cheap that they can throw away when they are done.

These disposable cartridges are perfect for them. But they are also great for people who are traveling or are going on vacation. They don’t want to have to pack a bunch of paraphernalia with them wherever they can go. They can simply dispose of the cartridges when they are finished with them.

A low-commitment product like this means a low price point, and Triple Seven has really delivered there. These cartridges are available off the company’s website for $7.95 apiece. Each of them offers approximately 500 puffs, equal to about a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes.

The company also offers a disposable cigar cartridge. It sells for $12.95which is due to not only its exquisite workmanship, but also its doubled puff capacity of about 100 puffs.