White Cloud Cigarettes

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes - Consumer Pricing Sensitivity


Tarpon Springs, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2012 --Vapor Jackets is a Florida based company, that manufactures electronic cigarette skins, otherwise known as electronic cigarette wraps. Currently we see the majority of our traffic coming from customers that have the White Cloud brand, which we attribute to pricing sensitivity among consumers and potential consumers.

Why is White Cloud E Cigarettes able to offer significantly lower prices than their competition? After some research we suspect, but are unable to confirm, that their competitors are locked into agreements with convenient store chains that restrict their online pricing.

The only way to receive the $3.75 per disposable at White Cloud Cigarettes is to purchase a pack of 100, but their pricing is lower for all packages of disposables offered. For example, if you purchase their 10 pack, the breakdown is only $4.50 per disposable (10 for $45.00).

Of the 5 leading E Cig brands, their disposable pricing is as follows:

White Cloud Cigarettes - As low as $3.75 per disposable
V2 Cigs - As low as $7.49 per disposable
Blu Cigs - As low as $9.99 per disposable
Green Smoke - As low as $9.99 per disposable
Njoy - As low as $9.99 per disposable

There are so many different types of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes offered by White Cloud Cigarettes. The Fling is available in several kinds of tobacco and numerous flavors. The long-lasting battery life is what sets White Cloud’s Fling E Cigarettes above the rest. The Fling makes it so easy to change to disposable electronic cigarettes because when it is empty, the smoker just throws it away and gets a new one. White Cloud Cigarettes also offers an outstanding money-back guarantee for any smoker that is not pleased with the purchase of the Fling E Cigarettes and any of its other smoking products.

White Cloud Cigarettes does not declare that Disposable E Cigarettes are healthier for smokers, but many smokers are claiming just that. Many smokers are also informing