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Disruptive Moments of Change Generate Opportunities for Transformation, and in the Book Industry, It Hasn't Been Different.

Authors write books to get a positive message out there, to help people, and to spread their knowledge far and wide - and now is not the time to stop doing that, but to start doing it in a more creative way.


Alpharetta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2020 --Disruptive moments of change generate opportunities for transformation, and in the book industry it hasn't been different. This global pandemic is forcing every market, business, and brand to rethink and reinvent itself, and although the impact has been mostly negative, looking at the bright side is challenging, but necessary.

Now more than ever before, sharing knowledge and positivity is vital. Social distancing is affecting everyone as a social species, creating a need for positive messages for comfort. Instead of doing activities that feel meaningless, anyone can look to great books, join webinars, and continue improving their lives, and if anyone has written a book, they can be a part of it too. Authors write books to get a message out there, to help people, and to spread their knowledge far and wide - and now is not the time to stop doing that, but to start doing it in a more creative way.

Maira Pedreira, one of the three co-founders at PRESStinely, stated that "some tremendous forward-thinking ideas are appearing, and this is incredibly encouraging." Book marketing plans are relying entirely on digital strategies no matter if a book is in the pre-launch phase or if it launched already. There are several creative ideas that could be easily implemented and, most importantly, will allow audiences to receive much needed positive messaging.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, everyone needs some perspective, food for thought, an uplifting message, or an opportunity to learn a new skill during these challenging times and continue to move forward.

A few creative ideas for authors:
- Read a few pages of your book every day in a "Social Media Live" or record a video to share with the audience later. If more time is needed, meet the readers weekly, and read a full chapter of the book. After that, offer some practices for them to work on during the week and share digital assets such as audio recordings, videos, and printable journal sheets.

- Reach out to podcasts, blogs, and digital magazines that are niche-specific, making sure to pitch yourself as an authority and relevant source.

- Create webinars, online courses, masterclasses, and articles based on your book. The more you put yourself out there, the more visibility and credibility you will have.

- Have a weekly online coffee with your audience. During this coffee, share knowledge and answer questions.

Authors should think of topics that are in high demand right now and make a connection with their book's main subject. Some trending topics are:

- Personal and Business Finances

- Anxiety and Depression

- Religion and Spirituality

- Cooking and Diet Books

- Wellness, Healthy Living, and Exercising

- Personal Growth and Self-Help

- Family and Relationships

- Human Resources and Leadership

- Children's Books

- Technology and Business

- Sales and Marketing

As a forward-thinking, universe changing genius Steve Jobs once said: "Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat."

Every author needs to take a second to think about all the people that now more than ever could be learning from their expertise. Therefore, any future author must not waste any more time and start working on their book project to impact people's lives in a positive way.