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Divemaster Course on Gili Air Is More Than a Certification

Do you like the have the ocean as your office?


Gili Air, Lombok -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2018 --The PADI Divemaster course is one of the most rewarding scuba diving certifications a scuba diver can complete. And not just because it's one of the most time consuming, or because it is the first professional qualification. The Divemaster course is so fulfilling because it provides them with invaluable skills and unforgettable experiences that enrich many aspects of their life, not just their scuba diving.

Whether or not a scuba diver plans to pursue a career in the scuba diving industry, the PADI Divemaster course has a lot to offer them. Most of us are aware that the divemaster course provides us with the opportunity to hone their diving skills and gain work experience in a dive shop. But there are many other, less obvious, benefits of completing the course?

Becoming a divemaster is a big commitment of both time and energy but Oceans 5 believes that the rewards far outweigh the costs, no matter what their next step may be. In case scuba divers needed a little help committing, here's why completing their PADI Divemaster course should be their next big adventure.

* Become a confident and competent scuba diver. Know how to handle yourself in all situations.

This one is kind of obvious, but still worth highlighting as it's a big part of the journey to becoming a divemaster. Throughout the course, the scuba diver will be exposed to many different scenarios, both real and staged. The divemaster candidate will learn and practise the skills to deal with these unforeseen situations and potential emergencies, whilst remaining calm. By the end of the course, they will know how to handle themself and help others, both above and below the surface.

Although the PADI Rescue Diver course introduces the divemaster candidates to this, the timescale and in-depth workshops involved of the PADI Divemaster course provides them with a much stronger understanding of looking after theirself and others. Plus the opportunity to practise and use those skills in real situations. Being able to handle stressful situations and solve problems quickly is a skill they can take with them in any area of life, not just scuba diving!

Strong reverse current? Burst O-ring? Panicking diver? No problem. The divemaster candidates know exactly how to handle it without getting flustered!

* Become part of the team.

When a scuba diver completes their divemaster, they're not a regular customer at the shop anymore. They become part of the team. They are welcomed into the shop as part of the family. If they are already a diver, they will be familiar with the fun and friendly atmosphere of dive centres, and as a Divemaster candidate, they get to be a part of that every day.

Being part of the team also allows the divemasters to gain valuable insight into the running of a dive centre and gain experience working as part of a team. Dive centres often have some pretty big characters and a variety of cultures and nationalities. Learning to work with different people in challenging environments is always a beneficial experience!

* Discover a new place.

After you rescue certification a scuba diver can complete their Divemaster course in as little as 4 weeks, but Oceans 5 recommend at least 2 months to really get the most out of the training. Therefore, the divemaster candidates will live in the area where the dive centre is located. This is a very different to just travelling through or spending time as part of a holiday. They will be essentially living and working, developing their routines and discovering the best parts of the area. From finding those secret spots for trying the tastiest home-cooked dishes, to picking up some of the local language or just waving good morning to the neighbours. When divemasters stay somewhere longer they become part of the community. This allows them to experience a different way of life.

Their discovery isn't just on land. During the Divemaster course, they will be able to fully explore the local dive sites. They 'll find out where that cute pink frogfish likes to hang out, where the juvenile white tip sharks rest during the day and they may even start to know some of the turtles in the Gilis by name!

* Stay fit

Although not the main reason people complete their Divemaster, their physical fitness will certainly improve. Apart from diving every day, they will also be carrying tanks, setting up gear, lifting theirself up onto the boat and helping newbie divers both above and below the water. All of that combined is just as effective, if not more, as a regular fitness regime. Getting (or staying) fit is just one of the additional benefits of the PADI Divemaster course.

* Dive every day.

One of the main benefits of completing your Divemaster course is that divemasters have the chance to go scuba diving every day. Something they are all aiming for in life! Every day they have the chance to explore below the surface and encounter their favourite marine life. Turtles will be spotted at 99% of the dives here on the Gilis? Who wouldn't want to swim with turtles every day?

* Meet people from all over the world.

Scuba diving attracts people from all corners of the globe. As a Divemaster candidate they get to meet people from many different walks of life, with a variety of cultures and backgrounds. The interesting conversations and variety of stories told is enjoyable enough, but don't forget to consider the future benefits of this amazing networking. Perhaps that guy they chatted to about nudibranchs is friends with someone who is hiring for a role you'd be perfect for? Or even introduces them to your future partner? Divemasters never know who they might meet in the diving industry, or how they might be able to help each other out in the future.

* Make life-long friends.

Most dive centres will have more than just one Divemaster candidate at a time, meaning that it's likely they will be embarking on this journey with others who share their passion for all things scuba. When they're spending around 2 months with these people, as well as the dive centre staff, it's likely they'll make at least one friend for life, if not more! Sharing the highs and lows of the Divemaster training and living away from their home and family often generates strong bonds between people. Throw in the fact they all love the ocean and they've got a recipe for lasting friendships!

* Add invaluable skills to their CV.

It is obvious that the Divemaster Course is a vital part of their CV is they want to work in scuba diving. But the valuable skills and experience they gain are extremely relevant for most careers, not just diving?

During the Divemaster course the scuba divers develop a high level of professionalism and customer service. They practise leadership through guiding and scuba reviews (refresher/tune ups), public speaking and presenting through briefings. They learn risk management and safety considerations, first aid, boat management, working efficiently as part of a team, practical problem solving. These are all transferable skills that will help them excel in whichever direction they take their career in.

* Be an ocean ambassador & support marine conservation.

Both during the Divemaster and afterwards, they are an ambassador of the ocean. They help to educate others and raise awareness of the threats to the marine world. During the divemaster course, it is likely they will have the chance to get involved in marine conservation activities or events. At Oceans5 Dive, the Divemaster candidates are encourage to run our weekly beach cleanups and get involved in monthly reef clean-up dives, as well as participate in events run by The Gili Shark Conservation.

The PADI Divemaster course is much more than just a diving certification. It provides divers with key skills alongside unforgettable and unique life experiences. There is no doubt that this should be their next adventure!

* Happy divemaster diving

Oceans 5 Dive on Gili Air welcomes Divemaster candidates to start anytime. As mentioned, they recommend them spend at least 8 weeks with Oceans 5 for the course, but if divers are tight on time Oceans 5 can tailor the course to suit their requirements.

Oceans 5 believe that the Divemaster Course is more than just ticking off the PADI requirements. They strive to deliver the divemaster candidates the best possible training to suit their personal and professional goals. As a 5* PADI Career Development Centre, they offer the Divemaster candidates the opportunity to learn additional skills, from fish and coral identification to a neutrally buoyant skills circuit. With 6 onsite PADI course directors, 3 staff instructors and 3 MSDT instructors, the Divemaster candidates receive high-quality training that goes above and beyond what is needed to pass.