Divideon Introduces xvc – A World-Class Video Codec with a Revolutionary Licensing Model

The new video codec xvc is being released, with source code publicly available at xvc.io. The developers of xvc – Divideon – will be demonstrating real-time xvc software decoding on mobile devices at IBC 2017.


Stockholm, Sweden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2017 --The software video compression company Divideon is today introducing a completely new video compression format to the market. The new format, which is a software defined video codec called xvc, is being released with source code publicly available and with a unique one-stop shop license. For internal evaluations and for non-commercial usage, the xvc codec can be used completely free of charge.

With the release of xvc, Divideon is primarily targeting video streaming applications with a need to reduce bandwidth consumption and increase reach in congested networks. The majority of today's video streaming services are based on H.264/AVC, a video codec that has been around since 2003. With the xvc codec, the bit rate can be reduce by more than 50% compared to H.264/AVC with maintained video quality.

Divideon report that the performance of xvc is unprecedented, and that it is able to provide better compression efficiency than alternative codecs such as HEVC and VP9. With the source code publicly available it should be easy enough to verify such claims for different use cases.

Links to the source code and instructions how to use it are available at the xvc web page – xvc.io.

A unique property of the xvc license is the indemnification clause, which offers protection against unreasonable licensing claims and "patent trolls" - phenomena which have held back deployment of other video codecs, such as HEVC. With a flexible software, in which it is easy to disable and replace individual features, Divideon claims that the xvc codec will not be at risk of being blocked by third-party license claims. Features that can not be included with the xvc license will simply be removed from the xvc codec.

Divideon demonstrates the performance of xvc with a real-time demo application, decoding full HD video on mobile devices. The release of xvc is being made during the week of IBC – which is the largest media, entertainment and technology show in Europe – an excellent occasion for introducing revolutionary concepts and demonstrating cutting-edge technology.