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Divorce Gone Awry: Man Camps out in His Own Yard


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2015 --Everyone knows that divorce can be complicated, emotional, and financial devastating. But whatever conception one holds of divorce proceedings, one man's position makes divorce seem even more devastating; Sharafat Khan is camping out in his own yard following a nasty dispute with his wife.

Man Lives in Yard; Neighbors Ask for Action

Khan has been living in his own yard after his wife, Shanaz Khan, kicked him out of the house in March of 2015. He was left in the yard with only the clothes on his back, and Mrs. Khan has posted a sign to the neighbors asking them not to feed her husband. Even more bizarre about the story is this: the house in which Mr. Khan is living outside of--and Mrs. Khan is living inside of--is a million dollar home located in the posh waterfront development of Taylor Lake Shores in Texas. In fact, Mr. Khan has even admitted to having enough money to pay for a hotel (and also has offers of housing from friends), according to an article published in USA Today.

Neighbors are not only ignoring Mrs. Khan's requests that they not feed a weakened Mr. Khan, but also asking police to take action. Unfortunately, say police, they cannot do anything; Mr. Khan has the right to loiter on his own property for as long as the property belongs to him (the house is in both parties' names).

Divorce Action Pending

In June of 2015, Mrs. Khan filed for a divorce. While the grounds for divorce have not been listed, Mr. Khan has been arrested in the past on domestic violence charges. In addition to filing for divorce, Mrs. Khan also filed for a protective order in December 2014. In Texas, cruelty is a grounds for divorce, although after filing, a person seeking a divorce will still have to wait the required 60 day waiting period (source: A judgement is still pending in the case of both the divorce and the restraining orders; it is likely that the issues of ownership of the home--and whether or not Mr. Khan will legally be allowed to remain in the yard--will be settled by the court during divorce proceedings.

The Importance of Swift Divorce Determinations

The situation currently experienced by Mr. and Mrs. Khan highlights the necessity of swift divorce proceedings and determinations, and the importance of an experienced divorce attorney. For both parties' sakes, hopefully the divorce will be granted, and a property division determination will be issued without delay.