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Divorce Rate Falling Nationally; but Less So in Central New York

Study after study has shown that the divorce rate in the United States has dropped considerably in recent decades.


Syracuse, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2019 --From its peak in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the national divorce rate nationwide has fallen to a five-decade low. The lowest point in the 'no-fault' divorce era.

Over the last decade, the nation's divorce rate has continued to drop. However, the divorce rate has not fallen evenly in all regions of the country. As an example, Central New York stands out as a region where the divorce rate has dropped. However, the decrease is far less significant than it has been nationwide.

According to an analysis conducted by CNYCentral, the speed of the decline in the divorce rate has been much smaller in many counties across Central New York. Among other counties, the researchers highlighted Onondaga County. This includes the City of Syracuse. Which saw a drop in the divorce rate that was far lower than the national average. Similar results were seen in counties across Central New York. This includes Oswego County and Cayuga County. Policymakers say that there are a number of different socioeconomic factors that help explain the divorce rate. With that in mind, it is impossible to point to any specific issue as the primary cause.

As noted by Syracuse divorce attorney Richard J. Bombardo; "Going through a divorce is always challenging. It is a positive sign that fewer people are getting a divorce. With that said, ending a marriage is absolutely the right option for some couples. With proper preparation and planning, a divorce does not have to be a fierce battle or a traumatic event. There are proactive steps that people can take to make the process less difficult."

The data is clear: divorce is a normal part of American life. Married couples from every part of the country get divorced on a regular basis. Regardless of their backgrounds. Though, there are certain factors that researchers say will increase ,or decrease, the likelihood of a divorce. The single biggest factor being the age of the spouses when they get married. The younger that people get married, the more likely they are to get a divorce. In addition, couples with higher incomes and higher level of advanced education are less likely to get divorced.