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Dixie Salvage Offers Used Auto Parts in Live Oak and Chiefland, Florida

Vehicle owners need to be aware of a place from where they can get used auto parts. Dixie Salvage is the salvage yard that they should be in touch with.


Old Town, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2021 --Every vehicle owner comes across the need for car parts at some point in time. Whether it is a luxury car or a truck that one owns, there would always a need for parts. Every vehicle wears out after a specific time has passed, and without the right parts, the car will get stranded suddenly. Getting stranded on the road to work or when one is out running some chores is very hard. No one can find help all of a sudden on an empty road. This would not have happened if the worn-out parts have been replaced while still there was time. It is often difficult to change the worn-out parts because the right parts are not available, and the original ones are too expensive. That is a problem that Dixie Salvage can help fix. They are a salvage yard that can help find the best new and used auto parts in Live Oak and Chiefland, Florida.

Dixie Salvage is an established and reliable company with more than 30 years of experience and a salvage yard of its own. They can offer their clients all kinds of auto parts from different makes and models at great pricing. As a full-service salvage yard, they are known for their quality auto parts and a wide variety. Irrespective of the car one owns, it is not hard to find the right auto part from them. They maintain an excellent network which enables them to find any car parts that they sought. They also buy old cars and use the auto parts so that their repository is always stocked. Dixie Salvage helps their customers find the right auto car part by handling the search themselves. Also, most of their car parts come with an extended warranty period and also offer nationwide shipping.

They also offer transmissions in Gainesville and Live Oak, Florida apart from radiators, wheels, taillights, engines, and more.

Get in touch with them at 800-226-7077 or 352-498-7000 for details.

About Dixie Salvage
Dixie Salvage is a renowned full service salvage yard that offers new and used auto parts. From radiators, wheels, taillights, engines, and transmissions they offer all.