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Dixie Salvage Tends to Offer Quality Wheels in Gainesville and Madison County Florida

For car owners looking forward to getting new or used wheels for their vehicles, they can get in touch with Dixie Salvage. They are a well-know salvage yard that helps source wheels, radiators, engines as well as transmissions in Gainesville and Chiefland Florida.


Old Town, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2020 --It is a well-known fact that every vehicle, be it a car or a truck will start showing signs of trouble after a certain period. Constant usage and wear and tear will take its toll, and one would need to replace some of the parts. That is where the problem arises when one does not usually find the parts. When it concerns one's precious vehicle, then one does not want to take any chances. They want original parts, but getting them might not be so easy all the time. Not only would that cost one money, but original parts are also not easy to come by. That said, Dixie Salvage is one place that vehicle owners can turn to if they want to get used and new car parts. They are one of the salvage yards that is the best place to source radiators, engines, wheels in Gainesville and Madison County, Florida, and other quality car parts at affordable prices.

Of all the parts that one chooses for replacement, one has to pick the wheels with much care. This is because not only safety but the car's performance and driving comfort also depends on what wheels the car owner is putting on the vehicle. Dixie Salvage has an excellent repository of wheels and other car parts, and they never disappoint their clients when it comes to finding the right car parts. Even if they don't have it, they have an excellent network to help pull the right car part. Dixie Salvage has more than three decades of auto salvage experience and a member of the Florida Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Association.

Dixie Salvage is extremely helpful when it comes to choosing wheels. The experts focus on wheel fittings as it is one of the critical things to consider. The mounting point varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Cars have varying lugs and stud pattern or commonly known as the Pitch Circle Diameter. The trained and experienced professionals offer guidance with this stud pattern. The experts also advise on not going for wheels that come with a bigger diameter. The bigger size of the wheels always does not mean that it is good as it can mean compromising on safety and comfort.

The company also offers 90 Day Warranty and nationwide shipping. Get in touch with them for taillights, mirrors, headlights, and transmissions in Gainesville and Chiefland Florida.

Call them at 352-498-7000 or 800-226-7077 for details.

About Dixie Salvage
Dixie Salvage is a full service salvage yard that offers both new and used car parts at affordable prices. Foreign and Domestic, Dixie Salvage has over 30 acres of late model vehicles including Ford, Chevy, Buick, Dodge, Chrysler, GMC, as well as the most popular imports like Toyota, Nissan, Honda.