Do You Whopple?

A social network that pays you back!


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2015 --For the majority of people it is common place to have accounts with multiple social media platforms at any one time. The concept of social media has grown into a necessity, rather than an exciting or novel thought for internet users. Whopple is the creative work of an entrepreneur who saw earning potential with the amount of time spent on social media daily. Whopple is the revolutionary concept of a social media form that literally pays its members. Whopple has launched its Indiegogo campaign to transform this innovative idea into a reality.

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Social media hype began long before the internet and even before computers became an everyday household item. It is now an integral part of modern society, with general social networks and special interest niche sites available. There are sites to share photos, videos and thoughts, as well as internet dating websites and even sites to connect family history or catch up with old class mates. The existence of social media sites is not only for personal socialising, but business connections such as Linked In. Big and small business utilise social media to collect information and utilize this information to target specific audiences with advertising schemes. Social media is now one of the biggest mediums for advertisements since television. Imagine a social media site that not only connected hundreds and thousands of like-minded members, but also rewarded them with payment for sharing one another's pages.

Whopple creator and visionary, Jeff Baugh Jr. has a detailed plan for the structure of Whopple and how it will benefit its members. The average person spends up to 2.5 hours a day on social media, and Jeff would like to see that time both used productively and rewarded, instead of wasted. Whopple will consist of members who can share and connect like any other social media site, but can also sponsor other sites and receive payment through a multi-tiered structure. Members can create sub-sites and membership packages are available to suit any need or requirement.

About Whopple
Jeff has a clear goal for Whopple to begin its creative journey, and has provided details of this on the Indiegogo campaign website. This revolutionary membership based social share site will target 18-35 year olds who would like to earn an income online, while sharing their favourite websites, media and thoughts that they believe are deserving.

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