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DockAll Is an All-in-One Docking Station for Smartphones and Tablets That Promises to Reinvent the Docking Station


Plano, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2016 --DockAll, the revolutionary all-one-dock station for smartphones and tablets that is reinventing what a docking station should be. A wireless, wired and HI-FI Bluetooth sound system all built in a sleek good looking package. The DockAll is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

In the "Age of Wireless" homes and offices are increasingly cluttered with more and more wires to keep personal devices powered and functioning. An adapter for the phone, another for the tablet, one for the Bluetooth speaker system, another for conference calls, and it's easy to see how the wires begin to add up and take space in homes and offices. Azpen has created the DockAll as the solution to all of the above with an incredible design that truly embraces the definition of wireless.

"We wanted to create a unique product that will simplify the way you charge, display, and organize your technology.  Many of our customers had been asking for some type of stand or docking station. We have developed a product that would address the stand issue along with providing other market first features that would benefit the customer," says sales director Mike Glasscock on the inspiration behind the project. "With the DockAll, you can dock a phone or tablet up to 13 inches, charge your device while it's docking, watch movies and listen to music through the built-in Bluetooth speakers. It's stylish and compact enough to set on the kitchen counter, night stand, or portable enough to take with you when you travel. (requires AC power to work)"

The Azpen DockAll does it all. Its purpose is to give users a central location to charge phones and tablets as well to be a media headquarters with a near HI-FI quality Bluetooth speaker system plus more.

The DockAll is loaded with features capable of running on a single AC outlet including:

- Qi Wireless charging built-in
- Wired charging (MFI Certified Lightning & MicroUSB Magnetic Adaptors)
- 4.0 Bluetooth HI-FI Speaker System (5 watts x 2)
- Two HI-FI Speakers with dual reflex ports in back 
- LED Light/Lamp 
- Can support phones and tablets up to 13 inches
- Phone and music controls 
- Speakerphone 
- Two USB jacks in back for additional charging use 
- MicroSD card slot in back for direct playback of music 

"DockAll has some features that we haven't see on any other docking stations in the market today.  It provides a central location to charge your smartphones, tablets as well to be your media headquarters with a near Hi-Fi quality Bluetooth speaker system plus more," adds Glasscock. "The DockAll offers a media type of experience while watching movies on a 7 to 13 inch tablet and streaming to the Bluetooth speakers. We believe this will be the first phase of what's to come in the docking station or media type control panels with additional functionality."

The DockAll Docking Station is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

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