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Document Solutions Provides Touchless Foot Pedals for Water Coolers


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2020 --Document Solutions Business Life Simplified equips offices in New Jersey, New York, and the surrounding areas with touchless food pedals for water coolers that offer a range of benefits.

Keeping offices clean and sanitary is a necessity for businesses of all trades. With new viruses and health concerns being brought to light, businesses need to ensure that they are doing their part to keep employees and clients from extracting dangerous viruses such as Coronavirus. Touchless food pedals contribute to beneficial Covid-19 management plans through their hands-free design.

Document Solutions carries a touch-free water cooler foot pedal that has an organic anti-microbial coating that maintains sanitization of touch-pads. This additional layer of support keeps businesses clean, and promotes a healthier office space.

Touchless food pedals have a hot water safety feature that last a total of 3 seconds of hold-time to keep users safe. Hot water can be a hazard for offices, but touchless foot pedals can ensure that all clients and employees are safe, mitigating liability risks.

Document Solutions' touchless foot pedals are easily integrated into existing water cooler models for hassle-free installation. Models such as 3i, 2i, and Blu-V water coolers can accommodate touchless foot pads and for simple and efficient use.

About Document Solutions
Document Solutions Business Life Simplified is dedicated to providing businesses in New York (NY), and New Jersey (NJ) with water cooler solutions that improve the office environment. By providing employees with a fresh supply of water, water coolers with touchless foot pedals are ideal for preventing the spread of germs and other harmful contaminants that can be life-threatening.

As businesses reopen following the global pandemic, Document Solutions is providing offices with the tools they need to remain socially distant and germ-free. Visit today to learn more about touchless foot pedals for water coolers in your office.