DOGDELI Revolutionizes How Dog Treats and Chews Are Made


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2019 --DOGDELI, a manufacturer of handcrafted premium dehydrated treats and chews for dogs, revolutionizes the dog food industry by dehydrating all healthy dog treats it produces.

DOGDELI is a trusted provider of dehydrated treats and chews for dogs. Based in South Florida, the innovative dog food company uses a dehydration process to create healthy dog treats that are shelf-stable and nutrient-dense. All treats are made with high-quality ingredients and the formulas are intentionally kept simple and as close to nature as possible.

Many dog owners consider their furry companions to be family members. The founders of DOGDELI are no exception. In fact, two dogs named Nancy and Simona inspired the entire premise of creating healthy dog treats using a gentle dehydration process. The founders of DOGDELI recognized that existing dog treats are full of unhealthy ingredients and most are not allergy-friendly. In an effort to provide their dogs with quality food that would support health, energy, and happiness, they embarked on a journey to create premium, all-natural dehydrated treats and chews for dogs using only the finest ingredients. As a result of their honest efforts and uncompromising commitment to quality, DOGDELI was born.

All of DOGDELI'S dog treats start with fresh, raw ingredients that are subsequently dehydrated to remove all moisture from them. Since moisture is essential for the growth of bacteria and mold, removing it from the dog treat formulas enhances shelf life without the use of potentially harmful preservatives. Dehydration does not remove a food's natural vitamins, minerals or enzymes. In fact, DOGDELI's dehydrated treats retain most or all of the essential nutrients and proteins found in raw meat. Dehydrated ingredients also retain their fresh flavor and are irresistible to most dogs, regardless of size or breed.

The ingredients in each DOGDELI product are kept as simple as possible and are never sourced from questionable places. All products are handcrafted in the founders' Florida kitchen instead of at a large-scale manufacturer. The intimate manufacturing process gives the founders complete control over every step of production, from ingredient sourcing to the final packaging of the dehydrated products. All dog treats are tested on the founders' own picky dogs to ensure flavor and quality remain uncompromised. The products are clean, tasty and safe for canine and even human consumption.

Dog owners throughout the United States can conveniently order their healthy dog treats of choice online. Local Florida buyers have the option of buying online or in person at local farmers' markets year-round. Products are always shipped same-day or next business day to ensure pets never go hungry. Each batch of dehydrated treats and chews for dogs is made to order, so buyers are certain to receive products that are unparalleled in freshness and quality.