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Domijump Announces the Recruitment of Mini Trampoline Distributors in Europe


Shaoxing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2015 --Domijump, the leading manufacturer of mini trampolines, will be recruiting new product distributors in Europe between 4/11/2015 and 18/12/2015. This comes exactly three weeks after the company recruited the first 27 mini trampoline distributors in America.

"The sales for Domijump mini trampolines in Europe have been phenomenal," said Lisa Wang, the Domijump's Sales Manager. "The customer feedback is incredible and they are loving our trampolines that feature the highest safety standards in the industry." These mini trampolines deliver an ultimate working out experience with cutting edge design and innovations.

Features of Domijump mini trampoline

The Domijump trampolines feature the latest technology and they are available in a wide range of unique designs. They are rugged, detachable with a heavy-duty rebounding capability. Their weight varies between 200 pounds to 300 pounds.

Other technical information about these trampolines include:

1.Leg diameter of 5pcs, Dia25*1.5mm
2.The springs vary between 26 and 48
3.The frame tube 25*25*1.0mm
4.The spring pad is made of PVC and EPE foam
5.Varying sizes (32 to 60 inches) and height (22.5 to 27.5 cm)

Benefits of being a distributor

The Domijump mini trampoline distributors in Europe will enjoy the following benefits:

1.They will get a 20% discount on their first mini trampoline orders alongside other subsidized prices
2.Free mini trampoline workshops and training
3.Subsidized shipping costs
4.Selling quality and reliable trampolines that meet the required industry standards

Qualifications for mini trampoline distributor position

Domijump is committed to the prosperity and success of their mini trampoline brands and their distributors. The company provides an equal opportunity to all prospective applicants for the position of being mini trampoline distributors in Europe.

NOTE: Domijump neither solicits nor requests for any favors for the applications to be considered. The process is FREE and transparent; all information will be available on the company's official website - The company will only contact the applicants through number 13777323951or Any fraudulent activity should be reported to the company immediately.

The companies that are interested should indicate the following in their applications:

1.They must have proof of their sales force and sales performance. That is, the number of sales staff, their qualifications, number of sales and the future prospects.

2.The territorial coverage; this will basically focus on their market capability

3.The products in their stores and other partners they are currently working with

4.A complete company profile. It should include proof of registration

5.Facility and equipment such as method of communications, stocking capacity, warehouse, etc.

6.The market development capabilities such as promotional techniques, market research, etc.

7.Audited financial record

NOTE: Only attach the certified copies of the documents. Domijump will not consider applications with documents that seem to have been "doctored" or structured specifically for the application.

Companies with experience in selling or are already involved in the mini trampoline business are encouraged to apply. This may include those that are:

1.Supplying and distributing other mini trampoline products
2.Trained to maintain various trampolines
3.Selling other trampoline parts

NOTE: Companies without prior experience on a mini trampoline, but have proved their ability to be part of Domijump partner network should also apply. Domijump will offer free training sessions for all its new partners.

About Domijump
Domijump is the leading manufacturers and supplier of mini trampolines and various trampoline parts. Since its inception, the company has managed to reach an output of over 5 million USD. It has also partnered with other multinational retail stores such as Walmart, Auchan and Correfour amongst others. Their mini trampolines and products meet the recommended international standards and they are TUV GS and BSCI approved.

Domijump provides equal business opportunity for all its partners. The company strives to expand its partner network by recruiting both the existing and new business. This is due to the increasing sales and demand for trampolines in the global market.

For more information about Domijump, visit their official website: -
Contact: 0086 137 7732 3951