DomiLamp Is a Beautifully Designed Wooden Lamp That Spreads Light Like Dominoes


Lake Zurich, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2017 --DomiLamp, the artistic wooden lamp with a unique ability to interact with peers, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The DomiLamp is a charming light capable of setting the mood in any room and for any situation. It's wooden base gives it a natural and minimalist feel while the seamless controls make the user experience effortless as it turns on with a simple rotation of the light. It's portable nature and handheld design makes DomiLamp fun and convenient with its instant accessibility.

"Technologies shouldn't make our lives complicated,"says CEO Wayne G. on the inspiration behind the project. "We wanted to make something simple and natural. We waned to make something artistic. We want to make something to show our unique understanding of the user experience. The DomiLamp is just that result."

The incredible videos of Dominoes toppling one after another is a zen like display of perfection has inspired one of DomiLamp's most innovative features. The name of the lamp has derived from the classic tiles and the lights interact similarly with one another. When two or more DomiLamps are within a certain distance of each other (about 13ft/4m), a light change of one lamp can be easily transmitted to others around it. The lamps which received the change would adjust their light color and intensity to match the first lamp's. This effect then spreads from those lamps to even further outer lamps. The amazing thing is that "Domi" could work with any number of DomiLamps, without any configurations.

The DomiLamp boasts a rotary dimmer that is a classic industry design which provides an excellent user experience. DomiLamp's shade operates as a bigger dimmer. When users need to change the light, all they need to do is to rotate to one of Domi's many shades. The lamp is capable of mimicking a range of colors from a warm orange glow of a flickering candle to the brightest of cool whites. The dimmer also provides vibration feedback so the users is aware when they reach the maximum level of the light intensity.

The DomiLamp is the perfect light to set the mood anywhere; from high-end restaurants, to romantic backyard dinners, in the office, and even when camping in the great outdoors. DomiLamp's innovative handheld size means it will become a part of everyday life, everywhere.

"A modern home needs modern lamps with invisible technologies," adds Wayne G. "Our homes should be decorated as a warm and inviting place. DomiLamps are the perfect solution to making any living area a more relaxing and welcoming space."

The DomiLamp is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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