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DonkiBot Is an Advanced Transport Trolley That Automatically Follows Users


Germantown, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2016 --DonkiBot, the revolutionary auto-following transport trolley wagon, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Omorobot has created an innovative new trolley that helps users carry and transport goods and items while making it easy with a computerized wagon that not only effectively carries heavy cargo, but also follows the user around. This means no strain or hard work involved to push or pull the trolley.

"For hundreds of years, donkeys have been great companions to humans by moving luggage and carrying cargo. Just like real donkeys, the Donkibot can carry more than 220 pounds and follow someone wherever they go," says Omorobot CEO Seokhoon Yoon, "Of course, unlike real donkeys, users do not have to feed or worry about behavioral issues. Now DonkiBot is here to help you move your stuff while following you!"

DonkiBot has two different modes of operation: following mode and remote control mode. Following mode is the basic and simplest way of using DonkiBot. First, users drag the tethered sensor which will start to measure distance and direction from the user relative to DonkiBot. Once the tethered controller reaches a certain distance from DonkiBot, the robot will start moving to maintain a certain distance, following the controller. If users need to move DonkiBot remotely, simply switch to Remote control mode. With an included wireless controller, DonkiBot now is able to work remotely like any RC car.

"Whenever people hear about a robot, they are worried about learning to use them. Even robotic engineers at OMOROBOT often have a hard time finding ways to control a robot," added Yoon, "So we start thinking about how to make our robot easier to use. Our solution is simple. Just pull the tethered sensor and the robot will follow. Period. No calibration or programming is needed."

More over, the solution Omorobot introduced is much cheaper and reliable compare to other auto follow me capable robotic carts such as X9 Follow from Stewart Golf. Many of previous auto follow robots use vision sensing or wireless communication technologies. These kind of technologies are often have issue with direct sunlight or even not working in the darkness. Wireless technology are vulnerable to radio signal interferences and hard to figure out what is wrong when it's not working. Omorobot's tethered sensor works just like retractable dog leash which work's as expected. Users don't have to worry about losing signal or sensor misses you. And it is much cheaper than any other solution currently available in other follow me type robots.

The DonkiBot is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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