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Don't Run, Walk and Burn Double the Amount of Calories with This "Workout While Walking"


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2016 --GoXercise, Inc. is launching the "Don't Run, Walk" campaign to help motivate more people to safely get more out of exercise to Experience a Healthier Lifestyle. Research from the National Running & Walking Study1 reveals that 60% of runners experience injuries that can prevent them from exercising. Just walking is too moderate an exercise and does not contribute substantially to cardiovascular heart health. There needs to be an exercise that is a happy medium for both safety and intensity that fits into most lifestyles.

The answer is Don't Run, Walk campaign and Workout While Walking™ with the WalkMate™ that can double the effective calorie burn2 over the same duration and pace of just walking. The issue with walking is you only exercise the lower half of your body and neglect the upper half, until now!

The WalkMate™ is a multi-functional hand-held fitness device that you just swing while you walk and it exercises the upper body comfortably and safely with your body's natural balance as you walk. It enables over (15) easy to perform upper body exercises that tone your core to help relieve lower back pain, strengthen your arms, shoulders and lose weight. It only weighs (3) pounds and has a 2-handle Kettle Bell-2 configuration that supports a variety of Dumbbell, Medicine Ball and Kettle Bell exercises.

"You can exercise by walking anywhere and now you get double the benefits that can improve your heart health and lose weight too," said Gary Shorter, President of GoXercise, Inc. "The Don't Run, Walk Campaign is for consumer awareness to add a Workout While Walking™ that can easily fit into existing walk routines and double your productivity with twice the calories burned," Shorter said.

The WalkMate™ Model-3 (3 Lbs) is available at discounted prices, save 25% off (for a limited time) on our Crowdfunding Campaign at Kickstarter.com at this link: http://kck.st/1PXMAxS

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GoXercise, Inc. is based near Chicago, IL, is an innovative health and fitness company with a focus on helping more people Experience a Healthier Lifestyle.

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