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Downlights Direct Introduces Newest Range of Downlights from Aurora: The E5 4.5-Watt Fire Rated


Rochdale, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2017 --Downlights can be used for different purposes and different rooms, as confirmed by Downlights Direct. And now, customers have an enhanced range of options with the latest downlight from trusted manufacturers like Aurora Lighting.

Downlights Direct has always taken pride in its constantly-updated range of lighting products, particularly when it comes to its downlights selection. The downlights available at Downlights Direct come directly from the most established and long-standing manufacturers, ensuring their efficiency and performance, such as Aurora, JCC, Halers, and more.

But there is one special product that has only recently been introduced into Downlights Direct's downlights selection: the Aurora E5 Fire Rated LED Downlight, which is also distinguished for its low energy consumption (as low as 4.5 Watts). Downlights Direct gives more detail about the Aurora E5 Fire Rated Downlight: "(This is) the new E5 LED downlight from the Aurora Enlite range. With a low energy consumption of 4.5W, it offers a low energy alternative to a 35W halogen with a lumen output of up to 380 lumens. This compact fully integrated LED downlight is just 69mm in height allowing it to be fitted into tight ceiling voids. It's also fully fire rated and insulation coverable, making it one of the most complete LED downlights on the market. The IP65 rating allows it to be used in any rooms around the home including bathrooms."

As Downlights Direct has confirmed, this Aurora E5 Fire Rated Downlight not only helps reduce customers' energy bills and produces bright and more focused lighting for their needs – it is also fire rated, which means that it helps delay the spread of fire in case something like it occurs. In addition, the Aurora E5 Fire Rated Downlight is dimmable and can be efficiently used in any room in the home, be it the kitchen, bedroom, dining area, living area, or bathroom. One other aspect which distinguishes this downlight from the rest is the fact that it is made with the special Aurora EnFiniti lens, which promises the maximum distribution of light across the product's entire lens. The downlight even features a wide or broad beam angle of as much as 60 degrees.

One other feature of the Aurora E5 Fire Rated Downlight is its insulation covering, which contributes to its enhanced efficiency and practicality as it no longer needs or requires any extra accessories – it can be installed and set up as is. What's more, since the downlight is dimmable, this makes it ideal for setting the mood or ambience in any location, and it is acoustic-rated as well.

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