Download Free WordPress Pricing Tables

Breaking the trend its competitors follow, HostRider provides its WordPress pricing tables for free so users can download them without worrying about paying a hefty price.


Cape Coral, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2018 --Plenty of online services these days offer a price comparison so buyers can get a quick glance through the different packages on offer and choose the one that best suits best their needs. Without this essential feature, the packages offered by particular service can be very hard to demonstrate. Unfortunately, most of these WordPress pricing table plugins come at a price but not the one offered by HostRider.

Unlike its fellow web hosting and digital marketing service providers, HostRider does things differently. This firm offers its WordPress pricing tables for free so that clients do not have to pay a premium in order to get the best comparison table.

HostRider's grid pricing tables work on any WordPress supported website, making them compatible with most browsers as well as devices. Moreover, they need not specifically be used for listing prices only. They work as individual comparison tables, which means users can fill the rows and cells with any kind of data they wish to demonstrate in a tabular form.

The responsive pricing tables offered by HostRider feature a responsive design and an intuitive admin panel, which makes it very easy to control their animations, their values, the numbers of cells and rows in each columns as well as the number of columns etc.

Even though the comparison tables do not employ JavaScript, they still offer several customizable features including more than 20 color options, several animations, wide font support and material design.

HostRider's pricing tables features the latest designs that are doing well in the market. Moreover, these tables load up faster and even offer hover states and over 3 different table styles so clients can take their pick and have exactly the kind of table they want featured on their website.

HostRider provides comprehensive support for its pricing tables as well as a detailed user guide on how to install and use this WordPress plugin. They also provide multiple other services such as SEO and digital marketing, which come in handy for e-commerce businesses.

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